The Club Wow live experience: first impressions from the development team

Club Wow development team interview

Remember when we talked about the Club Wow platform launch a few weeks ago? In case you missed it, here it is.

This big project is not over – at least its development phase. Like in any type of endeavor, the real action starts after you launch an event, a business or a digital project. The design and the coding stages are important, but testing and maintenance are critical (we still hope more clients will understand and pay more attention to these ones!)

So, after we successfully launched the Club Wow website, our team and the client wanted to make sure everything goes well after that (post-launch). That’s why we sent Alin, our talented developer in charge with the live streaming, photography & video on demand platform, at two of their live events.

Alin had a chat with us about his unique experiences in Munich (Germany) and Braga (Portugal), the development work there and how everything looks behind the stage at the Dance World Cup finals!

Okay, first of all, congrats for all the hard work done and patience during the Club Wow development! Now, Alin, so tell us: how was it? What it’s like to be part of such big events?

Well, the location in Portugal seemed superior somehow, but that’s understandable. It was the biggest event since it hosted the World Dance Cup finals. There were two stages and over 6000 competitors. The one in Germany was smaller, but did its job very well in the end.

The atmosphere is electrifying, you see such talented competitors who enter and leave the stage and their fans, their excited and pretty anxious families. Everything goes so fast and you have to adapt.

What did you have to do exactly at these Club Wow events?

My job there was to make sure the live streaming, video on demand & on site printing platform worked perfectly. Also, to make sure it doesn’t crash or that everyone could see and download their photos and videos from the competition.

I implemented new features or functionalities on the spot, I took care of any small bugs and I fixed anything that might have appeared (for example, the video team had to press start or stop for each competitor’s show recording and if they made something wrong, I was there to fix it). Also, I handled the emails export for the winner dancers to send them discounts for on-site printing.    

How were the clients doing? How was it working with them during these events?

Obviously, you come to realize that some things could be done better, so each event turned out better than the previous one. Of course, not all things depend on us. There are aspects that cannot be foreseen and can mess something up. But overall, we’re definitely on the right track! There is no perfect event in which all goes smoothly as long as it doesn’t only depend of the Club Wow team, but of more factors and teams involved.

And what’s next regarding the Club Wow design, development or maintenance plans?

Well, there are some things that have to be done to improve the platform, some fine tweaks, but the client and us we’ll see how everything will go for now to find out what’s next. I don’t know yet if there are any other events for this year, but we’ll see it from there. And I’m sure we’ll take care of anything that comes just like we did until now.

Club Wow is a next-level platform for Live Streaming, Video on Demand and Photography, dedicated to thousands of performers around the world to showcase their talent and amazing skills in the competitive dance and worldwide events. eJump has worked on the design, development and maintenance stages on the platform for the past two years  – and there is more to come!

You can find more information on the project development in this Portfolio short article.