The Colorful Mind Project: Life Planners for Creative People

Colorful Mind watercolor close-up

Wake up everyody, it’s time to make some great plans! Especially when you have a nice & cool planner specially created for you, AND also the perfect notebook for your ideas, notes, sketches.

We’re talking about a lovely project started by Maria Dinu – artist, HR and coach – in order to help creative people with lots of ideas but not enough time. Sounds pretty familiar, right? To be more specific, now you have an instrument which brings you clarity and inspiration: a colorful Life Planner and also a lovely notebook for all your thoughts. Obviously our team was more than happy to launch this project into space by developing the website, The design is simple, creative, warm and clear and we thought to make the user’s experience even more enjoyable by having subtle effects and animations here and there. Overall, it perfectly illustrates what it’s about: the joy of finding what really matters in your life and having a positive impact on those around you.

The Colorful Mind planner is like a pocket coach: it helps you get a much clearer perspective on your life, by organising your monthly, weekly and daily priorities. What’s also wonderful is that the covers are illustrated by Maria herself and you can choose between them. The inside pages are beautifully crafted (illustrations, colors, motivational quotes) to motivate you day by day. Moreover, this planner contains coaching exercises that help you find out what really matters most for you and how you can manage time. It all starts from within. Find out more about the page structures for the planner and the notebook here.

You can enjoy this fun planning yourself or even make it a great Christmas gift for your dear ones. Support the project here, on  Startarium!