“eJump & Friends” Christmas Party 2016 – with PICS!

Christmas flat illustration with ejump logo.

So: good company checked, lovely Secret Santa gifts checked, silly puns & jokes checked, delicious food checked, obviously board games checked. But, most of all, we’ve “checked” these happy faces of warm people celebrating together!

I’m talking about ”eJump & friends” Xmas party at our office – every one of us had to bring a friend with him to spread the holiday cheer together. After our coders and designers finished their work – well, most of it because there’s always something to work on! – we’ve switched to party mode with our friends, too. First things first, eJumpers had to eat. Who could enjoy a Christmas party without enjoying delicious food, cookies and sweets? Next, we let the music play – “A Brazilian Christmas”, “Holiday Jazz” or “Blue & White Christmas” were among our radio choices, before one of our colleagues took charge of the playlist, obviously starting with that number one hit, „Last Christmas”, by Wham!

The spicy mulled wine was a real success and managed to focus our attention on funny stories, good jokes and a live recording of the party for the ones that missed it. Meanwhile, we had the Christmas tree decorated by almost all of the eJumpers and caught these moments on camera, too. We didn’t catch Santa, though… But we were our own Santas, meaning that each one of the eJumpers draw a random name of another eJumper and received the gift with that name on it. Different personalities meant unexpected gifts – from Houdini magic games and puzzles, to cat printed pillows, inspired books and funny mugs – for programmers only!

All in all, this Xmas party – the second one for eJump – was a 100% eJump story: we couldn’t write it without playing BOARDGAMES, obviously, like everytime we „log out”. Merry Christmas and an eJumpy New Year to you all!



See you next year!