eJump Joined Top Interactive Agencies

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Brace yourselves, eJump is now present in the Top Interactive Agencies!

We decided to write a piece about this because this kind of connection brings really creative agencies closer to the exact people who need their digital services. It happened to us and we came to the conclusion that it’s a great open channel for communication and making great ideas become solid and amazing projects.

There are more and more Romanian web design and development agencies like eJump that spark interest for the international market and that’s a fact that needs to be celebrated – since Romanian programmers and designers proved themselves to be so creative and ambitious, while their work is more and more recognized worldwide. Maybe because we really love what we do and devote ourselves to it, who knows? It’s not a general stereotype, but throughout our history, we cannot but recognize that Romanians are hard-wired for sciences, especially regarding Informatics and Maths (we’re happy to see we’re still among the best in the world in these particular areas).

Of course, maybe it’s just a trend or just a natural consequence of the fact that our school system focuses more on these areas. There are many great IT professionals out there and we salute their efforts and intellect, while learning from them valuable lessons. At least we have to admit: there are more and more passionate and quite prodigy programmers in our country and we’re lucky to have met some of these talented people in our eJump’s history. Many of our employees happen to be young and determined, focusing on delivering cutting edge projects to our clients – most of them from around every corner of the world.

Since we approach every project like one of our own, it’s becoming more natural than ever to jump on board of so many amazing international web projects with a clear focus on our clients’ needs. And that’s why we embarked on platforms like Top Interactive Agencies: to encourage people who want to change the world through their projects to seek the right people for the job. It’s not an easy job, there are many risks involved, but you can manage everything with the perfect web team for you.

It’s clearly a tough job to find the right programmers or web designers for your dream project, especially when you’re open to new technologies and want the best of it and these kind of collaborations like with TIA that brings leads for amazing projects. It’s all about being part of the right community that curates a selection of the most interesting digital agencies in the world for you. Look for your ideal partners, find those talented and determined people, communicate and…

Make it happen!

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