eJump Team Building, Summer Edition 2017

flat illustration about teambuilding at the beach

From the producers of highly acclaimed “eJumping Into the Woods of Rasnov” and “eJump Goes to Bulgaria”, here comes a new thrilling and emotional story with an epic twist about life after work, extroverts and introverts showing their superpowers and unexpected turns of events!

Filmed with smartphones and iPhones, now debuting on all devices, an article based on real life stories.


It was another hot, dusty Friday in Bucharest when the entire team split into pairs to get things done before leaving the office ASAP. Food checked – drinks checked – our office-made eJumpiness beer checked – greeting new colleagues checked – getting in the cars checked – Coco Jambo song checked. Costinesti ’87, here we come! This was an inside joke, actually is Costinesti ‘17.

For this team building, we didn’t have any particular plans even if we were 16 people, but giving the fact that we spend almost every day at work together and got to know each other better, this was another occasion to see how we “work” outside the office.

So, what did we do? First things first: left our baggage and ran to the seaside. Oh, that chilly sea breeze got into us so badly that we became instantly refreshed! Some of us went directly to a small, solitary beach, to try the water – brrr! and take some GIFs. Others just enjoyed the spectacular view while lounging.

Must say it was a lovely place to be: the vast sea at our feet, the wild nature around us, the music of waves crashing to the steep and, of course, the playfulness and smiles of everybody. Now, action!


I didn’t even have time to change clothes when our BBQ masters and their partners in crime started preparing our traditional festive meal. With some fine wine and good ol’ plum brandy aka “tuica”, all of us were getting that nice vibe of a summer party with interesting people around. It didn’t take long until we got into neverending hot topics mingled with so many hilarious puns – what to expect when you put together smart ass youngsters, witty introverts and brutally honest ones? There were so many spontaneous jokes that we could write a book. Meanwhile, the barbecue was ready, the table was set, and the mega salad was ready. The party lasted ‘till dawn and some of us enjoyed the sunrise.



It was breakfast time and Gina awaited us calmly to meet with her outside the Eden villa. That cutie wiggled her tail and greeted every one of us to make sure we wouldn’t skip our meal. Here is Gina and Silviu, looking for treasures or something.



Then off we went to some reading on the beach, splash into the salty water and enjoy a fun morning on that solitary land. Well, almost solitary… soon we woke up on a nudist beach. I guess this time we were the uninvited people crashing that party!

Then the storm was coming. Gandalfish clouds and a sturdy wind literally gave us goosebumps, but the courageous eJumpers didn’t hold back, no no no, never. They defied the weather, told it to keep its clouds at home and then went for a short trip in Vama Veche: mojito checked – lazy sun bathing checked – diving into sea checked, then back to our villa. With a little sunburn.

After everybody woke up, it was time for board games & chill. Then the suspense arose… it was time for the poker championship! Skilled players, clever tactics and also lucky beginners. Close to the semifinals, when the battle between the totally calculated strategists and experienced gamers was heating, an unexpected “random element” emerged from the unknown and managed to trick them all! After long, funny debates and hilarious stories, a new BBQ started at midnight. You know how the story goes from here…



Our leaders came with an interesting proposal for this day: why not go to Adamclisi? Enjoying a trip with the ferry, visiting historical places and beautiful ruins sounds great anytime! Unfortunately, some of us had to get back in Bucharest, but the others agreed to go. Luckily, we already had a Whatsapp group so we all got to share those moments even from distance.

Back at home, in the hot, dusty Bucharest, we all knew that this whole trip was an exciting experience. Some of us openly shared this feeling in their own words and that matters most.  We’re growing as a team and this weekend proved we are great together, again. We’re opening more, learning more and sharing more one with another, no matter the age, role or experience – and always while having fun. Maybe I’ll end this with a cheesy line, but this is the real culture of eJump. Becoming the best version of ourselves under the same roof. Until the next adventure, sayonara!