eJump went exploring the Carpathian garden @ Piatra Craiului National Park

Autumn at night illustration for teambuilding events

Beach or mountains? Definitely the latter. When it comes to spending quality time together away from the office, the crew can’t wait to pack for a weekend trip to the mountains. And although this season’s team-building happened again close to the Râșnov Gorge, it was again a fresh new story to write.

If last year we celebrated one of our colleagues from the Inovium team, this time Ciprian, our new project manager, got to be the birthday guy. The same day Betty delighted us with a homemade chocolate cake at the office, before departing for the long-awaited vacation. We sure not mind keeping this as a tradition!

It was a different story not only because the place we were going to stay in this time was right in the middle of the Piatra Craiului National Park, but also because the crew had grown bigger thanks to a bunch of some lovely and smart and young and crazy folks! This meant new geeky masterminds on board, as well as new jokes, both good and bad, and games and hobbies.


I guess we could mention the spooky, twisted road through dark woods and the chilly feelings that got into our bones while riding – and while being separate from another as groups. At least for George, who came from his hometown, Argeș, on a different, more bumpy road than ours that freaked him out. Plus, he arrived first and didn’t know whether we were playing a prank on him or not. All good, though, when we finally got to see each other and confirm that we were serious about the meeting point.

First things first, so food. Lots of delicious food on the table plus some “minciunele” (as in, small donuts) with forest fruit jam and sour cream, on the house! Long live the Mosorel hosts! Ahh, much better. Good. We then got our warm clothes and started preparing a campfire – no BBQ this time – while laughing and sharing stories. Since some of us work remote, it was natural that we changed places in small groups to catch up. After all, some of us got married, others announced they’re gonna be parents, so imagine the thrill and the surprise!

All this mainly happened at night, under an amazingly clear sky, full of really bright stars we hadn’t seen for so long, surrounded only by mountains and green canyons, leaving us in pure awe. Then we started drinking some wine when unknown skills got uncovered… Actually they got covered, let’s say, since Geo, Mihai and Sorin – and Sebi, maybe? – started to sing folk songs, while all of us listened to them around the campfire. The playlist continued with silly songs like Pina Colada (forever dedicated to Alin, his “favorite” tune at the office). The gathering lasted until five in the morning, as usual.

Next day, some of us ate and slept a lot, while others got their morning run and prepared for the trip in the forest canyon. The photos really tell the story that makes Romania great again and again and again. (you should really explore the Carpathian garden, you know?). In the evening, all of us gathered in this big, cozy attic where some of us started playing catch or teaching jiu-jitsu moves (Diana got serious skills!). Then we got serious and challenged one another with the Jackbox Party Pack. The funniest, silliest, most stupid jokes were made until later that night. We closed the party with another stories and laughs.

The next day, we prepared for our way back to Bucharest. Took photos, ate freshly made rose-hip jam, said goodbyes and began our looooooong way back. Being at home on Sunday afternoon, we surely continued to cling to the bittersweet memories of this team-building while eating a slice of pizza, wondering what to plan next for another great escape.

Until next time!