eJump Welcomes Interns This Summer

Student at his computer during internship

Young talent was always something we were looking for. The other day we had the chance to present eJump and our work in front of an amazing audience comprised of students of the Cybernetics Faculty in the ASE University, Bucharest.

We were invited to give a talk on our internships’ offer and this is exactly what we did, throwing in 2 internships positions that were really well received. Our inbox is now booming with CVs and questions and we couldn’t be happier about the enthusiasm and energy of these skilled and talented students. We were pleasantly surprised by the rather large number of very good CVs we received. We are grateful that we had this opportunity, we had a great time, we look forward to working with some of the amazing people we met at the event and we hope we contributed with some useful advice

If you’re also interested in an internship or have some questions for us but could not make it to the event, don’t hesitate to write to us.