Fanatical Sabbatical, the Ultimate Planning Resource for Travelers’ Exciting Stories

Illustration for Fanatical Sabbatical

A long time ago – and yet perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago, fate decided to take us on a great journey around the world.

It was a cold day of February when Michelle, one of our dearest long-term clients, wrote to us about the third project she wanted to work together regarding both web design and development. Hooray, we shouted of joy when we saw a rare gem in her e-mail:  a detailed creative brief (with such well-structured copy included for each page!), which she didn’t send it to anyone else since she really wanted to work with our team for this  :aww:



We were clearly excited to work on her personal project, Fanatical Sabbatical – a beautiful website that helps people plan a travel sabbatical or career break. Not only we had to work for an amazing person and a long-term client of eJump, but also to develop a beautiful web project with a wonderful mission: to help people plan their sabbaticals and career breaks or similar journeys!

The challenge was to design eight web pages AND implement them until 1st of April, which wasn’t quite an easy deadline especially when the website had shop functionality.

We were honest with Michelle regarding that, since we have a business relationship based on mutual trust, and she was very open-minded and understanding. So we pushed the deadline back a bit and we organized our work step by step to be as efficient as possible.

Great. So we got to work and, thanks to Michelle’s detailed and quick feedback rounds and all the technical information we needed like passwords, pictures, texts – which are pretty important when you want your project to be delivered as fast as possible! – we made significant progress with one page at a time. And this is how Fanatical Sabbatical developed in a beautiful virtual place for travelers and adventurers, with animations and subtle hover effects, highlighting Michelle’s great words of wisdom about everything you need to know about sabbaticals and career breaks (she lived a lot of dreamy experiences during hers!). Hope you’re ready for one, too.

We won’t forget that “Oh. My. Goodness!! I LOVE IT!!! I am absolutely blown away” comment we got from Michelle after seeing the Homepage design. We tried to imagine her reaction :D…

Katy Perry and OMG

Our team was so happy that she loved the designs as much as we loved them and did our best in putting our active and creative minds – to be precise, our designer George and our coder Alexandra – at work while implementing them also.

What we loved most again, in our third collaboration with Michelle, is her honest and warm, friendly approach, patience and how she puts high quality and professional consultancy first when choosing to work on a project. When we found out Fanatical Sabbatical was her personal project, we felt honored to be her choice. And very lucky to have, again, such an awesome and trustful partner!

As for technical challenges, we had the Homepage animation section, which was a great idea from our client, but a little tough one during implementation. Also functionalities for the Shop page and filter mechanisms and other functionalities for the Resources page, but we succeeded in finding the best solutions for these ones and simplify things as much as we could.

Now, each Fanatical Sabbatical digital chapter has its own fairy dust in it, so keep scrolling and start planning your own travel sabbatical adventure! To be continued here: