First Winter Team Building EVER!

First Winter Team Building EVER! Well, more winter-spring since the 1st of March caught us in the mountains dreaming of an entire week there. Our favorite place to relax, reconnect and have fun is and has always been Râșnov and, even if we sometimes choose other places, nothing compares to The Hunter’s House.

When did it start? During our morning coffee routine! How did it start? With our casual discussions we have after holidays about the places we visited, the food we tasted or the activities we had. Suddenly, the idea of skiing and having some winter fun popped up and one of us raised the question: how about a Winter Team Building? After all, we never had one before. It would be great for the team to try something new, wouldn’t it?  We started to plan and organize. So, Râșnov with snow and also snowdrops, with cold weather but also the sun, a complexity because we want it all, the whole package! We started to prepare everything three weeks ahead, to be sure everything would be perfect from the moment we took our first breath of mountain air there. Also, the team composition has changed, we got some new eJumpers on board, and this was a good opportunity to show them the eJump “holiday house”.

February 28, 9 o’clock.
We were outside, the luggage and the groceries were already packed inside the cars and we were almost ready to go… except someone came in sneakers, so before we took off, we ran to buy a pair of boots. “If this is how it begins, there is a big chance this weekend is going to be a lot of FUN”, and it was. The journey was pleasant, with sweets and talks and with some horoscope predictions that made us laugh… every car with its stories and everyone with the desire to arrive faster and eat some really delicious food from Mr. hunter!

The first day was about discovering and rediscovering the place, a corner of paradise, a big yard, trees, a river, and swings. Snow on the ground, sun in the sky, cold air and birds’ songs, all healthy things for stress relief. A snow fight began for some of us, the restless ones and then we all enjoyed the lunch… tasty food that made the entire room eat in silence. We went to take a nap as a dessert, while others went to enjoy a prolonged ping-pong session until the evening juicy grill when we let our bodies guided by the smell.

Happiness and union are the perfect words that can describe our evening. We, all, together, outside, under the snow. It feels like you’re with family, someone fills your glass, someone gives you small bites of barbecue meat, one is taking care of the music, others are laughing and warm themselves near the fire, the kids are playing in the snow and all you can ask for is actually nothing more than you already have. Perfect Friday? Checked!

Saturday started at different hours for everyone. “Open your eyes, open the window, take a breath, drink some water, embrace the peace that’s shown to you and after this continue your day!” – my mind sounded like this. So I embraced the peace and I saw the peace in everyone. The second day included a good walk in Poiana Brașov and some of us chose skiing, even for the first time, but with a good guide in the team, nothing can go wrong… or maybe the guide herself can go down on the ski slope, the thing that actually happened. So much fun, a great experience, and good activities that consumed our enzymes.

After these, all we needed was some rest, rest for the body that is, since our mind was captive in a lot of games like Chess, Backgammon, Jenga and our favorite: Mafia.

On Sunday morning we woke up completely relaxed, drank our coffee outside listening to the sound of nature and then turned back in the city with good vibes in our luggage, with energy in the body and clarity in the mind.

This team-building was great, we strengthened our connections, got close to each other and laughed with our entire soul. We’re a strong and amazing team that knows how to work efficiently and also have fun.