GÂNDĂCEL, Your Multipurpose Tool for Internal Management

Gandacel internal app mockup

We’re that type of folks who get completely drowned by what they do with lots of passion. For most of us, it’s about web design and development for different and challenging projects around the world.

But this means that short breaks and relaxing conversations are a must-have for each of us and our captains as well knew how important these are. Except that these short breaks and light conversations that cool down our heads interfered for a while with not-quite-cool daily tasks like completing daily timesheets, making estimates and sending different reports in Asana or other platforms, exchanging too many requests for days off or holidays and so on. A bit of a pain in the a**, frankly, since most of our days are already full with challenging work.

Luckily, our captains knew that we had to have our own multipurpose tool to keep our “hot yang energy” at bay and help us become more relaxed and productive in the same time. Automating was the key for that.


Gandacel was already our internal app for completing timesheets, being continuously developed since 2012. But in the last few months we noticed that we needed more from it to simplify our work and avoid any frustrations or inefficiently spent time. So after intense hard work on it, this internal tool was completed with major modules that help anyone manage their time and projects, the holiday management, costs and estimates, as well as personal reports on the employee’s workflow. 100% transparency and optimization at its best.

Specifically, this web-based tool helps you manage your projects timesheets for client reporting and easily follow your business key metrics, while having a clear map of all project statuses, estimates, employee holidays, detailed time and cost reports – it tracks everything you need in the simplest way. What’s awesome: it’s a customizable tool!



You start and end your day at the office with Gandacel. Thanks to its features, you only have to fill and select only a few fields that would sum up pretty much everything you do. You can see your personal timesheet daily, monthly or a specific interval, to follow your progress day by day. Overall, you’re in charge of your tasks while learning how to plan your time better – and y’all know time management is a smart trait to have!


From a manager point of view, this tool is of critical importance when you have to report by the book. Like a pro. So you’d have these transparent timesheets on your hands, ready to be sent even to the most… pretentious clients. There are modules that allow you to check everything and estimate wisely: all the time spent, all the costs involved, all the workflow, all the estimates and statues. All is just… there. Hakuna matata would literally become a daily quote. Even for the skeptical ones.

Tracking expenses and invoices

Of course, that’s not all. Time is money in a company, no doubt about that. And transparency is essential for your clients as well. Gandacel lets you follow and manage cash flow quite flawlessly, which is time saving (a-ha!), a key to growing productivity and success.

Holiday management

One cool feature for both employees and management is the holiday management module that allows people to make direct and almost ready-made requests depending on the type of holiday, but also allows almost instant manager approval. This module is based on a calendar record synced with Google Calendar – you always know when someone is on leave and how many days he’s left for the year.


… and you’ll get notified ASAP. So don’t worry if someone forgets to fill in the timesheet. We’ll take care to notify your team members every time they forget, as well as to notify you whenever someone requests a holiday or «work from home» day.


This was the most amazing feature developed on Gandacel: the automatic take-over of the projects tasks and subtasks assigned to employees from Asana in their timesheets, for automated and simplified workflow, accurate estimates and a clear overview on their progress. This way, your timesheets are automatically and accurately completed. No muss, no fuss.

An internal tool that gets original for your business

We develop features on request. Give us the specs and we’ll make it happen.

  • It’s best suitable for companies activating in:
  • Web Design & Development
  • Software & IT Services
  • Creative Agencies
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Consultancy Services

And remember:  The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. Send us a message to make you awesome at it!