Highlights of the Year: 2017 in a Great Review

2017 Year in review infographic for ejump media

Another year has passed, and a lot happened. From welcoming a new bunch of witty adventurers in our crew, to experimenting new things both in and outside the office and getting to work with new people from far away lands on major projects, it was a challenging trip, but once again the team made it through with a smile on their face, so 2017 has been an amazing one. The following are just a few highlights:

Beautiful projects and worthy challenges.

We’re proud of our designers who were so determined to deliver flawless layouts, that they managed to keep their cool and find inspiration even under the pressure of, like, 7 deadlines in a day. Because we all know how deadlines could pile up in a such unexpected way, right? Sometimes THIS is the fun part. The coders could also tell… But that’s how interesting projects came to life. Fanatical Sabbatical adventured in the online space, 24 Software got a brand new “face”, VMS takes the greatest care of their clients’ needs and rides, Simbio pe roti tells you when you can check their gourmet food truck and Nutella has let you enjoy chocolate from a personalized jar thanks to their campaign in the spring and many more projects still in progress. Oh, worth mentioning also the latest challenging work on a Kinect-based and web-based app for Faurecia’s interactive series of workplace safety lessons.

Mustn’t forget the Shiptech project…

Shiptech seems a special one. Part of our coders have been working on this major management system for the international shipping industry for a few years and the work paid off: the first official order was recently taken.

50 days of well-deserved massage.

Because we hunch over, lean back and spent ridiculously long periods of time at our desks and effin’ need this holy day of the week. And otherwise we’d pay a painful price. When is that Thursday coming, by the way?  

Made beer for the first time. At the office.

Here’s the entire story behind the eJumpiness experiment, a beer which refreshed our summer vacation at the seaside. Our guys made it – from preparation to bottling and even labeling!

A rare gem passed by our spaceship.

Thanks to a summer internship, we got the honor of meeting a brilliant youngster – Valentin – with amazing tech skills and a promising future. Thanks to him, our internal management tool, Gândăcel, was seriously upgraded with important modules (not just Beyonce can upgrade you, okay?). We miss you, Valentin!

5 LogOuts – 2 team buildings – 3 nights @ the office – 1 Christmas party

Some of these pizza/Aperol/movie nights at the office ended up in Control, but nevermind. Yes, this year we experimented a lot, from laser tag to beer tasting, karaoke, theater, escape room and relaxing by the pool. Also, our team spent some incredible and surprising days at the seaside and in the mountains as well so we share plenty of crazy memories together. Plus: this year’s Christmas party was a lot sparkier and funnier than last year, with a spicy mix of mulled wine, hilarious secret gifts, comfy clothes and poker games.

The best part: 6 new allies joined us

Indeed, this was the best part of 2017: having six new teammates on board, each with his unique flavor, a unique way of being. So cheers to them all since they completed this crew with a such appetite for life, humor and new challenges!

The other best part: 23 new clients

Maybe it doesn’t seem much, but it is great, since many of our web projects are complex or on continuous development. We met these new clients – most of them international – on different platforms like 99designs contests or clutch.co, or through recommendations from other clients and partners. Let’s see what 2018 brings, because it surely seems full of surprises!

A new crew in town: Inovium                        

Our “partner in crime” is the Inovium team which basically helps big clients around the world – and not only, obviously – innovate their business through optimal automation. Long story short, here’s a magic mix of nerdy and friendly people skilled in Internet of Things technology. Talking’ bout changing the future, heh. Oh, we created their website (to be officially launched soon). Stay tuned!

The Gamification chapter

We have started working on an internal gamification system, integrated in our management app, Gândăcel. There’s a lot of work on the entire concept, designs, content and the implementation of it, so stay tuned for it, too.

20800 is enough for this year, right?

And this is how we end this year: with 20800 hours worked on new dreams and ambitions from every corner of the world, including ours. And a long-awaited winter vacation. Good night, and good luck, like the movie goes.

Happy holidays to you all, see you next year!