How About Falling in Love with Your Work?

Project Manager illustration for eJump

From day one, I was the kind of kid that would ask one thousand questions per minute and get bored to do the same things everyday.

I worked in a few places, and all of these jobs were very different. I used to write, after that I became an event planner, after planning events I started to love programming and so on. But nothing felt like the right thing for me, that one thing that I would enjoy doing even 40 years from now, so I was a bit sad and I was saying to myself: maybe I have problem since I don’t find something that suits me.

Before working at eJump, I had a job at a large company with many employees. Even if I found it a bit overwhelming in my first days, soon I felt like in high school, but with all of us in the same classroom! Maybe that’s why, when I had my first interview for the Project Manager position at eJump, I felt nervous and thought that maybe I would’t fit in this “family”. I say “family” because this was the feeling I had. When I arrived at the office, they were all taking lunch together and talking and laughing. It was such a nice moment and they all looked so comfortable with each other, that I was wondering how I could convince them to “adopt” me.

I did my magic at the interviews and, well, they DID adopt me! 🙂

Again, it was a first time for me. A new job, a new field, new responsibilities and a new team to get to know and be part of. The transition was almost instant. They were easy going, helpful and always with a big smile on their faces. I got to know each one of them and, step by step, I joined their family.

About the work here, my standards and also my way of thinking somehow switched and evolved. I was used to constant pressure as a daily routine, rigid rules or stiff conversations. Here at eJump, I’ve seen that everything can be done with calm and a cool vibe, without taking it as a game, though. So, I met a dedicated team, with high standards in quality and also with a sparkle in their eyes. I soon realized that this sparkle is there because they do what they love, in an friendly environment that stimulates you to do better and better. If you want to work on an amazing project with a new technology, you just have to “raise your hand”. If you think you have a better idea, it’s enough to just name it. Communication is key. Everyone will listen to you. There are no differences: doesn’t matter if you are a junior or a senior, your opinion matters.

I’ve also 100% adopted their values: respect, passion, frequent and honest communication – although I was already sharing these values, I didn’t find them so fervently assumed or promoted around me. Here I’ve seen how it is to always receive honest feedback, to be respected and trusted, how you can have full support of your team and grow together and be better and better, and this made me love the time spent at this office. My office!

After all, you, too, probably spend most of the time together with your teammates. Then why not take this chance and make it memorable and fun? To live life to the fullest at your job, too? Why not coming here every morning knowing you’ll meet friends with whom you can also work and create awesome projects to be sent all around the world?

You couldn’t find any reason, right? Neither do I. Because I fell in love with my work!