INOVIUM: Smart IoT Technology That Helps You Innovate

Inovium - IoT innovation for simplicity in automation

We thought it would be the right time to announce your new “partner in crime” when it comes to tech innovation in the Internet of Things world: Inovium, a dedicated team of IoT engineers who help you grow your business with optimal automation. 


For the last couple of years, our tech leader and one of the co-founders at eJump – Radu and a team of super-skilled coders have been working hard to become the leading forces to join the tech revolution as a dedicated team of software engineers for the industrial Internet of Things world. All the efforts, the raw talent and the passion for what they do – assembling stuff, programming, thinking algorithms and, thus, developing smart & innovative IoT solutions for big companies – were not only great, but inspiring. And they reaped the benefits when Inovium has been officially launched as an agile start-up, but with decades of expertise. Inovium is part of the renowned Eximprod Grup (a Romanian group of companies focusing most of its activities in the energy sector) focusing on optimal automation through adaptable, bleeding-edge software solutions.

Agile technologies, along with Cisco intelligent infrastructure, lead you to better, successful decisions and strategic business moves – in this new world of tech innovation.

This huge potential that Inovium’s agile technologies have – besides their current successful usage in quite a few major companies – have been fructified on the long term by the CISCO team, by using them with their own intelligent infrastructure. Another proof that you can trust this new dedicated team is the growing number of tech events and exhibitions where these industrial IoT products (using SCADA systems and LoRa sensors and not only) caught the eye of the forward-looking innovators – check out this short representative case study here.

With Inovium, you’re fully powered and connected with the world of tomorrow.

So, most of the time, the Inovium team writes code and works to master the Internet of Things network. Occasionally, they like and need to assemble and disassemble devices in order to see how they work and how their fascinating networks function. Leaving nerdy stuff and technicalities aside, what is worth saying here is that Inovium focuses on building solutions that enhance connection and deployment for different devices (yes, different!) for optimal automation. Along with a state-of-the-art security provided by these products, you can focus more on growing your business instead of worrying. Since the global energy demand increases from day to day and so many people want to save resources to conserve as much as they can, IoT devices and systems become more and more popular – they become vital for these great major changes in our everyday life. So we could say that one of the core objectives that brought Inovium to life is about helping people building a safe and bright future for tomorrow’s world by simplifying communication.

The point is… Inovium helps you innovate. 

We just wanted to share with you that now you have a devoted team of intelligent and passionate engineers determined to create this innovative future where forward-looking companies want to improve their customers’ lives. As you’ll see for yourself, Inovium is the right choice for connectivity solutions, efficient data management and assisting your business intelligence efforts. And if you’re as fascinated as they are of concepts like “smart home” and “smart city”, rest assured: Inovium has already started to use their agility to build such IoT technology. You’ll see!