NECO MARINE PALAU: Diving In the Luxurious Digital Experience of the Marine World

Neco Marine mockup design

“Experience Palau”. This is what Neco Marine is about: adventure and literally diving into the spectacular marine world. Our international client wanted to invest in a professional makeover of his luxury tourism company image, stumbled upon our official website and liked it so much that decided to have something similar for his business. So he asked for redesign, updates and WordPress implementation and our team jumped to work.


Being a tourism brand dedicated to water sports and exploring the Palau archipelago, part of the Micronesia region in the Pacific Ocean, it was only natural that the look & feel of the website to be in line with that: vibrant, smooth, classy, informative and, obviously, up to date.


So our designers and developers have built it with that in mind. Neco Marine is a must-have experience for everyone who wants to practice his dive skills or take courses and enjoy scuba, kayaking, fishing, taking tours of wonderful islands and having a 5 star holiday in Palau. That’s why the website had to focus on visual. Our team redesigned 10 pages, each one with a particular template mainly including a lot of visual and video content, as our client requested. Spruced up with modern features like full screen responsiveness (a fun dare for our dev team) and interactive ones like scroll & slide functionalities, but also with bold, yet minimal aesthetics, the UI transmits all the information beautifully and practically.


The Tours page



Here comes the internet speed, which is pretty low where our client lives, in Palau. It’s understandable, you go to Palau to spend time in nature – which does wonders to your soul, not to scroll the pages on your gadgets. Different types of connection, right? But the low internet speed was a problem we needed to confront.

THAT was the real challenge for us all.

Another challenge was to implement the scroll & slide part (scroll for desktop, slide for mobile) for Homepage and Tours – it’s kind of pretentious feature, just so you know, but a real classy one. Check it out here.


The Charters page


For super-duper best results, our developers used Zurb Foundation as framework – a rigorous and solid base for layouts, WordPress and as few plugins as possible. Oh, not to mention the fact that they wrote from ground up most of the functionalities – custom made, baby! – while the others cheered for them.

 The cherry on top: Our dev used hammer.js, a plugin which helps you add support for multi-touch, slide, scroll gestures, which is not only performant, but uber cool.


It is a truly beautiful project to develop & redesign, our team gained lots of experience points. Leveled up!

PS: The client is pretty ambitious, trustful and proactive – a “rare item” to find! We’re still working on maintenance and new improvements he keeps adding so the Neco Marine remain an alluring digital experience of the magnificent marine world.