Our greatest inspiration comes from the ideas we bring to life in collaboration with household names of the advertising industry. Our partners are based both in Bucharest and abroad, providing us with great insights from a world of endless possibilities.
Being a Bucharest-based SME ourselves, we understand the importance of a great online identity in line with the company culture. Our clients do not settle for less than perfect when it comes to implementing their vision, which is what we admire and respect the most.
Our valuable interactions with clients from all over the world has had a great impact on us as a company and as a team so far. We have learned so much both from our accomplishments and from our failures, becoming a global company with the help of an amazing online community and of a great internet connection that even made Bernie Sanders a bit jealous.
Budureasca shop implemented by ejump

Budureasca Online Shop


After we launched the new website for Crama Budureasca – a well-known premium wine company in Romania – part two of the project started: the Budureasca Shop.

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Startickets promo


Client: Startickets.ro

One of our long-term clients has decided for a full makeover of another web project of theirs: Star Tickets, that provides art people with tickets to any event they want to go to. 

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Cursuri Digitale Litera logo

Cursuri Digitale


The Litera Publishing House team asked us to help them with the revamping of their platform, cursuridigitale.ro, in order to be able to provide free courses, as well as to enhance the website.

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Cityshuttle Logo

City Shuttle

Client: Autonom

A bit different from VMS platform, which addresses more to the corporate-business audience, this project launched by Autonom is more oriented to the general public. Their services are still premium, of course.

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Crama Budureasca products


Client: Budureasca

Budureasca is a Romanian premium wine brand that won prestigious awards for their high-quality products, so their online presence had to become a relevant digital story to share with the world.

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Faurecia logo illustration


Client: Faurecia

Lately, there have been a lot of careful work and brainstorming going on for a really interesting project that our team has been developing in the past months.

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