Almasy Tactics

 Almasy Tactics

Almasy Tactics is a tactical role playing flash game that rewards planning and creative thinking. Players can outwit their opponents by creating a winning combination of characters/skills, or outmaneuvering them in blind-turn combat. It’s made for people who loved Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, but wished there was a better pvp aspect for those games.

You know, all work and no play… so, even if we learned already how to choose and attract various kinds of projects which don’t quite get to bore us or make us work all day without some enthusiasm, sometimes we go for a challenge like that. Everybody knows already the importance of games – and video games as well – in our daily life, as part of understanding our journey, learning how to get through obstacles and different challenges that rise at the horizon and to enjoy the ride. But back to the project.

We got the chance to participate in a 99designs contest for Almasy Tactics, a simultaneous-turn class-based tactics game – online and free – focusing on team building and reading opponents. It’s lovely and it’s addictive, by the way. Ah, and we won. For sure, our design was the winner because we tried to follow the graphics in the game but giving it a breezy and clean touch, in order to have an out of the ordinary look & feel, different from most of the free online games out there (too much boldness is too much, when using powerful accent colors). Even if it was a challenging task because graphics are actually the most appealing and important aspects of a game for its users, was also fun to try another approach.

What’s more exciting is that after winning the design contest, the client also chose us to handle the implementation of the design. It’s always fun for designers and coders and anyone in this field to get into the game world as creators and developers of something that helps you grow and enhance your creative thinking or strategy skills, so doing both web design and development was a great mission to complete!


Type: Websites

Year: 2014




Java Script


Project: Almasy Tactics Website Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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