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Being strong supporters of educational projects, we couldn’t be more excited to have developed the website of the Academic Cooperation Association, located in Brussels.

You probably know by now that we are a diverse team of IT geeks who love to work on educational digital projects – if not, but you’re interested, just check out our pro bono commitments and other educational platforms we built, in our Portfolio section here. When the lovely and ambitious people from the ACA Secretariat reached out to eJump for web design and development solutions, we were eager to help and jump into working on their new think-tank presentation website.

To give a bit of context, ACA stands for Academic Cooperation Association, a federation of national organisations from Europe and beyond, which all fund and encourage innovation and the internationalisation of their higher education systems.



ACA Secretariat Homepage redesign


The client offered us the opportunity to create a more engaging and intuitive design for their website in line with their company identity, while also taking care of the web development work behind it. Fortunately, our teams developed a very open and productive collaboration and honest communication throughout the project development, to make things happen in a timely manner.

The challenge: a modern, user-friendly website makeover, reflecting the ACA tone of voice and activity

ACA is a non-profit pan-European network of major organisations responsible in their countries for the promotion of internationalisation in education and training. This is why the official presentation website had to reflect their goals, values and amazing work at an international level, to better attract their audience and to showcase all the important events they organize or participate at.

Of course, being an organisation of educational impact involving highly regarded members and important projects did not mean that the online presence had to be strict, rigid, or too serious – like many people would think.

On the contrary, the European dimension and the aim to reach as many people interested in their international activities as possible were significant reasons why the website had to be clean and informative, yes, but also attractive.



ACA Secretariat projects page redesign

The result: a modern and attractive website inspiring more action and recognition of the ACA projects

Our experienced designer had all that in mind when he created the redesigns. This is also why the new website looks pretty cool, to be honest! The layouts are clutter-free and modern, contain the perfect amount of interactive and call to action elements, and were enhanced by a bold and refreshing color palette. To sum it up, the ACA website redesign is about inspiring action, fit for their ongoing work, tone of voice and purpose. Plus, they are very social and open to conversation, so the super-friendly, but professional and inviting approach is felt at every step of your navigation in their digital space.

As for the coding stage, the client was open to our suggestions and we made sure to explain the possibilities as detailed as possible. Given the page layouts and functionalities, they agreed to go for a WordPress platform instead of a Drupal-based one – to ensure the best management workflow for their team.

Apart from the web implementation of the new redesign, we also handled thorough testing and took care of the high-quality responsiveness, providing and implementing the mobile designs as well, while focusing on the best user experience and interaction.

The best part of this project was indeed the educational impact, but also the smooth communication flow we had along the way. Having efficient and friendly conversations on all aspects of the project development helped us successfully complete our work, launch the website in a timely manner and feel great and excited to be partners of such a strong team of open-minded professionals working on a better future!

Check out the ACA website !

Type: Web Redesign, Mobile Redesign, Implementation

Year: 2019


Project: ACA Secretariat

Agency: eJump Media

Web Studio: eJump Media

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