Ever heard of clothes made from high-tech fabrics? Neither do we, until we got into the hustle & bustle of 99designs and found a design contest for an innovative brand.

The APPAREAL project is all about wearable luxury fashionwear crafted from high-tech textiles meant for sports and car interiors – that’s right! The fashion designer – the contest holder – wanted a website design that tells her story and highlights the main perks of her brand: clothes that don’t need ironing after washing, made from comfortable and breathable textiles that are low maintenance and eco-friendly. We said, OK, interestingly enough.




Our designer was up and ready to design something cool and creative and use some new industry insights for this 99designs competition. Especially since the client was pretty straight forward and determined to have the website she wanted: clean, premium, light, associated with high tech, clearly not old school. Kind of Victoria Beckham’s style 😊

After our first proposals for the Homepage layout, we noticed that the client loved the minimalistic approach. It’s cool, it’s simple, and it’s about branding. Our designer used functional, yet creative features for the fashion website pages – a modern & interactive slider, contrasting typography and intuitive elements to showcase the focus points of the brand.

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For example, the Collection page design was all about focusing user’s attention on the premium quality and the innovative look of the dresses and coats, so the design was extremely simple, but beautiful and fluid along the gallery page. The subtle hover effects put more emphasis on catchy and relevant information for each product shown.

After a few weeks of frequent communication and working on quite a few design proposals for each page and then working again on them – we guess these are the thrills of working with a fashion designer with an eye for aesthetics! – the client chose us as winners.

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The story didn’t end, though. After winning the web design contest for this fashion brand, we continued to collaborate on some more pages for the website, in the following weeks. But, in case you’re wondering why you cannot see the final eJump designs implemented on the current project: the client told us she thought of another visual approach for her business website, after a couple of months. We somehow understood what it’s like to be a perfectionist, especially when it comes to showcasing your hard work in the ever-changing digital space.

Our design and development team is proud of both the designs we made and the client’s project, nonetheless, and is always ready for another web challenges. Want to see how we can help?

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Type: Website design

Year: 2018



Project Management

Adobe XD


Project: Appareal

Agency: eJump Media (contest)

Web Studio: eJump Media

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