This was a fun, but challenging design contest: a dark themed travel website design. 

Being an online travel company that appeals to a modern crowd with a professional look, this brand needed a proper website, of course. In fact, the client wanted to have a great travel website that used black and dark colors, in order to blend in with their logo and inspire a very sleek and fresh approach for the travel market. Of course, the design had to concentrate on big and mesmerizing images, with black and white background is possible. The black was the favorite here – so we wanted to make it captivating for the users and easy to navigate on, while being informative, clean and elegant (but not too elegant) even though the dark look was unusual for travel websites. Our designer gave it a shot since it was an interesting design contest and created a beautiful layout, with splashes of great images, daring effects and fine menus. It was based on the client’s needs and his brief regarding color palette and types of images, but it also included playful and bold elements to highlight the travel destinations, spectacular views and exciting deals. The result was a unique design with an interesting look and feel. At least that’s what we think 🙂 and we’re sure that, if it had been implemented (also by us),  this stylish design would have had also great animations and hover effects.

Type: Website

Year: 2017


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Project: Travel website design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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