Autonom decided to lend a really helping hand to the Romanian drivers in need (those who were involved in a car accident caused by others).

Our long-term client and also the national leader with 44 rental centers and an auto fleet of over 3500 vehicles decided to promote this right of the injured party (in a car accident) to receive a replacement car until his own one is repaired, and also to make their own cars available for this service.

The best solution to promote their services for this targeted audience was to create an online page that would offer all the information and support people needed. Although they wanted a landing page at first, after our team’s input it was decided it’s better to have a clean and concise website so that the users would understand everything in the easiest way, online. The content they provided was pretty generous and informative, so it was worth it. Of course, we made the website responsive, following the Autonom brand identity. So this is the Autonom’s brand new project:

Since we’ve been working on Autonom projects for a long time, our team covered both the design and the coding stages with plenty of freedom in the create process. The result is neat, of course: a simple and easy to interact with, yet comprehensive and functional website that helps people be informed of their rights and also take action.

Type: Website

Year: 2018








Client: Autonom

Web Studio: eJump Media


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