Autonom Assistance

 Autonom Assistance

Autonom has once again launched a much-needed service on the car rental & mobility market – road assistance services. To reach out to customers easily, on multiple platforms, our team had worked on the website and mobile apps for this project.

The Client

Autonom is the most extensive mobility network in Romania, offering various transport & car rental solutions to their clients, through over 40 agencies opened in more than 30 cities in Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

Autonom Assistance is their new project in their portfolio, a roadside assistance division with national and EU coverage that makes sure drivers are safe and covered on the road.  

After innovating on the market with high-quality and efficient rental, fleet management and lease services, Autonom has decided to make their new Autonom Assistance services available and easy to use by customers, by launching a presentation website and dedicated mobile apps for both clients and service providers. 

The Work 

Our eJump team has tackled the development process for the digital identity of this new project. To be more precise, our team was responsible for building:

  • A simple & intuitive mobile app, available on Android and iOS

As usually happens with the Autonom projects, the brief requested us to deliver a simple, clean and efficient website that can instantly provide information and be used by customers. 

Easy and friendly navigation, clean and interesting content, breathable UX & UI that it’s easily recognised as part of the brand – just as the client needed for the digital presence of all the services and divisions in their portfolio. 

Autonom Assistance website development

But it’s way easier to look for and benefit from roadside assistance in those very moments when it happens to need it, right? That’s why a mobile app was essential: Autonom Assistance is available for customers, on both iOS and Android.  

Our dev team used Flutter technology and Dart language to build two Autonom apps for this project – for riders (customers) and for Autonom partners (tow truck drivers). 

The Autonom Assistance app provides users with a whole network of towing solutions, ready to help them in the shortest time. Also, the app allows users to use their yearly subscription (or not) to benefit from roadside assistance services anytime and anywhere, as well as other rental and mobility services (depending on the chosen subscription).

The mobile app shows the rates of the service providers within the user’s area, before confirming the choice. It also provides users with real-time details about routes directly on the map, from the moment one places the order until the towing car reaches its destination.

A similar mobile app was also developed to be used by the Autonom partners (tow truck drivers). They can see, accept and manage the orders that receive, see real-time data about their routes and locations, and manage their earnings.


What Made It Go So Well?

It’s always incredibly helpful to work with experienced professionals who know the importance of keeping a solid and regular communication flow. We had weekly meetings with the client and talked about the development progress. 

We also had a well-thought-out plan, with clear stages that were defined before starting the actual work. And we got the final designs approved before moving to implementation – which is always a pleasure for any development team, haha! We’ve actually implemented the layouts without any last-minute changes. 

We also had a solid team of senior developers to work on the mobile apps and the website, which made things go smoothly no matter the challenges. 

Given the fact that mobile apps require constant work behind the screen, our dev team is also handling the maintenance. We analyze any crash-related messages once they pop up and fix the issues, and we make sure to improve user experience and add new features when the client decides on improvements.  

Type: Website & Mobile App Development

Year: 2021


Flutter technology

Dart language



Agency: eJump Media

Web Studio: eJump Media

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