Axel Ritterhaus

 Axel Ritterhaus

Axel Ritterhaus is an executive coach, leadership trainer and author for almost 10 years, working in Europe, Africa and Asia. He is also a former IT entrepreneur and manager for 15 years. The target audience for his presentation website are IT managers and HR executives.

The client’s request for this contest was to get a “WOW design for the new go-to place for IT leaders” in the online space, an author and online seminar website. We didn’t get to win. But hey, no matter we try to avoid it or to forget it, the simple truth is that no great success without, you know, lots of failures. (Wasn’t Edison who had 10,000 attempts to create a light bulb?)

This wasn’t a failure. It’s all about if the client likes it or not, but every designer in a contest works hard. And ours, too tried to deliver the desired results, following a clean and well organized structure for this kind of webpage. Being an author website, the typography was essential to better visually communicate ideas. The alignment and hierarchy of the design elements had to follow the levels of importance of the messages, while the look and feel of the website had to be clean, fresh and approachable, but professional and well organized. Our web designer tried to craft exactly this kind of design and followed a natural and clever structure of the page elements (large header, highly important sections about the author, a short presentation, a subscription form, big buttons, videos, large and appealing images and also testimonials, along with social media buttons). To the next adventure!

Type: Websites

Year: 2016




Project: Axel Ritterhaus Website Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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