This website introduces a group of Romanian medical practicians in the fields of bariatrics and metabolic surgery. Under the coordination of Dr. Cătălin Copăescu, a pioneer in this branch, innovative surgical procedures have been introduced and developed. This website presents the history of the field in Romania, the available medical procedures, as well as Dr. Copăescu’s long time work.

This is a long-term collaboration with the awesome people at Mind Treat Studios, for a successful Romanian medical project: Their designs, our development and both teams worked together to continuously grow this web project so that people who need news and information about how to benefit of innovative surgical procedures could would have easy access to it, only a click away. This project, now part of Regina Maria private medical network, was implemented by us on WordPress and went through big transformations regarding the programming and designing aspects in the past two years. During this time, our coders have worked hard “behind the scenes” to implement new designs, tricky features and a lot of functionalities that matter for user’s experience.

The last updates for this innovative web project included new pages and new designs, modern functionalities and challenging features to be implemented by our coders, while taking care of the responsiveness on all devices, of course. Challenging, indeed, because it was an ambitious transformation scheduled for a short period, but both our teams and the client have worked well together. It’s a successful ride for this business, so no wonder that it will soon go through a new transformation. And we’re just happy that we’re part of shaping this smart idea into such powerful and convincing website!

Type: Websites

Year: 2016




Java Script



Client: Ponderas Romania

Ad Agency: Mind Treat Studios

Web Studio: eJump Media


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