This is a Romanian project we’ve working on for some time and this opportunity made us quite proud. uses and focuses on innovation and technology – two of our favorite words.

So working on this platform challenged our team and put us in touch with new awesome products and services.

The challenge:

Beaconit is all about proximity marketing at its best. It combines beacon technology with a cool app and a platform for marketing campaigns initiated by clients. To explain things better, it enables apps to enhance their mobile strategy with geofencing and location-based push notifications through an easy to use platform. This also enables apps to engage their users with highly relevant messages based on location – proximity marketing on short.

The client – Cristian Mogodici  – approached us to see if we’d be the best fit for his innovative project and told us more about beacon technology. He wanted to see if we can help him with the development of a reliable, easy-to-use platform for his clients.

 The result:

We had regular meetings with the client at our office to check if we’re on the right track and how we can better improve Beaconit in a timely manner. Alin has worked closely with the client for quite some time and has developed the entire algorithm which the platform was based on, as well as the campaign building functionality that allowed clients to easily create their own campaigns. Moreover, he ensured the beacons integration and platform compatibility with all beacons from different vendors, made multiple API integrations and we think Alin has learned a lot of new things during the project development!

PS: Cristian talked with George Buhnici, the well-known tech guru and host at “iLikeIT” show, about Beaconit and how proximity sensors can be used to send people messages with the best deals of your business (store) when they get close to it. Check the video here.

Type: Web development

Year: 2018




Google APIs

Beacon technology


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