Digital Library Wallpaper

 Digital Library Wallpaper

“Biblioteca Digitala”, a project developed by Vodafone Romania in partnership with McCann Erickson and BookLand has arrived in Romanian homes as a custom wallpaper. Users who want to decorate their house could enroll on “Biblioteca Digitala” website, where they can choose their book titles, various types of wallpaper designs and illustrated objects. Users can choose from a list that is constantly updated and contains currently 110 titles. The library holds up to 87 books.

This was a lovely web project to work on! Our skilled coders handled the implementation. For all the book lovers who couldn’t have a personal bookcase in their home, this project was a fun compromise to make. Practically, our team has created a platform which allowed you to use templates in order to add your favorite books with QR-codes on them and different objects you’d have liked on a real library, then to shop it online and have it delivered at your home. It was a beautiful wallpaper for your home, full with your favorite books. What’s more is that, when you wanted to read a certain book from the “shelf”, you’d just scan the QR code with your phone or tablet and have it downloaded.

These custom wallpapers helped many young people to enjoy their passion and get even more ambition to follow their dreams. Even though this online project is not available anymore in the present, our team can’t wait to work again on this kind of projects! In the present, the main project, Digital Library, consists only of Scholar Library and Digital Library sections, where you can download eBooks to read on your devices, interact with professors, comment and upload works. Check them out!

Type: Web Apps

Year: 2013






Project: Biblioteca Digitala Tapet

Client: Vodafone

Ad Agency: McCann Erickson Romania

Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Implementation Studio: eJump Media


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