Billshark Speed Test

 Billshark Speed Test

Creating this app based on a speedometer was fun thanks to its design and some complex mathematical calculations involved.

Who wouldn’t want to save money and lower the monthly bills without effort? Here come the Sharks! Although this name sounds a little bit… you know, no need to worry. We’re talking about a platform in which people with skills help consumers around the world with their negotiation services – they have clients in 48 states already – to save them resources and stop overpaying bills.

After we worked on the web design and implementation of the project some time ago, the next step for us was to design and implement a stand-alone page using API integration: the Speed Test app. This app tells you the Internet speed for all of your devices and details about your connection. Of course, if you’re not happy with the results regarding the speed for the monthly feesl you’re paying, you can save some money, again, with the help of Billshark.

For us, as designers and coders, creating this web app based on a speedometer was a short, but fun challenge to take, thanks to its great design and the fact that there were some complex mathematical calculations involved here. Yup, for our web development team this was fun to work on! The only tricky part here was how to represent the speed on the circle with that kind of design, but we managed to do that after finding the best and most efficient method to do that without hassle or lag issues, the main problems regarding speed test pages.

Type: App

Year: 2017







Project: Speed Test web app

Client: Billshark

Web Studio: eJump Media


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