BillShark helps customers save money and stop overpaying every month by negotiating those bills for them. It’s hassle-free and risk-free — you only pay if we save you money. Anyone can use the web site, phone or tablet to start saving right away. The website is built in a word press form, in order to engage Call Center Agents and Field Agents.

The best feeling for a web design and development agency is when a one-time collaboration becomes a long-term business relationship over the years. It all started two years ago, when our clients from USA started a design contest on a platform and several designers competed with their versions. But it was our web designer’s layout version who won the challenge. So we back to work on the final version for their website. All this interaction between our team and the client’s team and the trust gained led to the next step of our collaboration, even if we didn’t know at that time of the contest: they asked us to code, also. Usually, it starts like that: design first, implementation second, so we were happy it happened like that.

Moreover, this year the clients came to us with another web challenge, this time a web app! That means an app based on a speedometer which was a fun thing to do thanks to its design and the complex mathematical calculations involved in the programming stage. Details about the Billshark Speed Test here.

Type: Websites

Year: 2015




Java Script


Project: BillShark Website Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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