Budureasca Online Shop

After we launched the new website for Crama Budureasca – a well-known premium wine company in Romania – part two of the project had started: the Budureasca Shop.

And this one was a way lot tougher than working on the presentation websites. The designs had to perfectly blend the rich, charming vibe of the wine industry and the careful suite of features the client wanted.

Obviously, the shop had to be designed and implemented accordingly: lots of manageable functionalities, well-thought-out & engaging design and the most intuitive interaction for the user. A though challenge that had to be won with the same grace that you feel when tasting a fine wine from Budureasca vineyards!

The designs were custom created by our designer, and the shop was built with Magento by our coders. The amount of work has been greater than for such other online shops because of the many functionalities the client wanted – since we’re talking about wine industry, these features were somehow imposed by the standards of this branch and revolved around what medals and prizes won each of the wine types, food recommendations and other specific traits of each wine (so you get to find out when it’s the ideal moment to drink it), multiple categories and options, offers and packages and so on. The team also handled the fine tweaks and bugs fixing, the third-party integration for payments and SEO optimization.

So the journey was long as everybody expected due to the project goals, but it was all worth it. The client was wholeheartedly involved in the process with lots of rounds of feedback and new ideas, and our design and coding team followed through all the aspects of their ideas and goals. Check out the final stage of this project: enjoying a rich, digital experience and a delightful part of the Romanian legacy.

Type: E-commerce platform on Magento

Year: 2018




Project: Budureasca online shop design and development

Client: Budureasca

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: https://budureasca.ro/

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