Gamification: Card Rewards

This is an epic journey of knights and rebels, wizards and elves, alchemists and androids, embarking on a journey to overcome fears and achieve the impossi…  – oh wait. That’s OUR story!

Actually, it’s a gamification world. Which can be yours too, with its own design and experience.

Jokes aside, we just wanted to present the magic behind our cosmic gamification platform we’ve been developing and updating for the past three years, Gândăcel Card Rewards. It’s not standard software and it’s not just a test for an internal app.

It may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s our good place to be when we want to share something nice and appreciate our colleagues’ efforts – or their simply being there with us. It’s the joyful space where we recharge stamina and add experience points to advance to the next level in both online and offline world.

Custom Gamification for Awesome Teams

It’s simple: gamify your workplace. Level up your team’s performance, motivation and organisational culture. Engage your people with game-like features for measurable non-game results!

What is the purpose of gamification?

87% of employees feel gamification makes them more productive

82% of employees feel gamification makes them happier

84% of employees feel gamification makes them more engaged

We started with numbers because they matter (data according to The 2018 Gamification at Work Survey)

First, a gamification platform is a custom game-like software that help companies enhance teamwork and productivity, while engaging employees to be more autonomous, driven and focused on achieving goals. This is the main purpose of a gamification platform. We just added FUN as a goal for ours.

Gamification can be applied in businesses that need their people to be more engaged because even as an adult, you love games. You become excited when you face a challenge and driven to do more when you complete it and get a reward for your hard work and skills, brilliant ideas or smart handling. You can do that by gamifying your business strategies, marketing actions, internal management and daily tasks. Whatever you want.

Playing games makes us happy no matter the age, so a gamification strategy is well suited for your business. 

What is a gamification strategy?

But before getting into action, you have to think the gamification strategy: what do you need to accomplish? What are your business pain points and strengths? What do you love doing? What are your resources? And what is your company culture?

A gamification strategy is a (hopefully) well-thought action plan to achieve an important business goal or goals (usually employees’ engagement and motivation) through game-like features. It can be implemented in the workflow, in management or in a performance bonuses system – or in everything you want.

Just a few recommendations:

  • Think long-term with every aspect planned carefully, based on facts and data research
  • Don’t start big, start smart – with a well-thought prototype to test efficacy and get feedback
  • Keep everything transparent on the dashboard – and track the results in the same manner
  • Celebrate each of your employee’s unique quirks and efforts
  • Keep the rewards meaningful, not expensive – on the long term, it can create false incentives
  • Keep improving the platform with creative rewards and customized challenges and messages.
  • The real work starts after you launch something great – focus on maintenance, testing and tweaking the platform post-launch, based on users’ feedback and new ideas.

CASE STUDY: Gândăcel Card Rewards – eJump’s gamification platform

In our case, the gamification idea started when the captains at eJump, Bogdan and Radu, realized we were already applying it at the office.

On a regular basis, the team had to complete various quests for different rewards – from gratitude challenges to strengthen teamwork, excitement and positive thinking, to creative tasks that reinforced the value we share as a team. Plus, the management rewarded each of our efficiency and productivity during annual evaluations, plus different office surprises and bonuses – so they thought: why not go digital?

To make it happen, the two wanted to extend the existing custom management app built by our team: Gândăcel, used daily to complete timesheets, plan holidays, make estimates and send reports to our clients – it’s also integrated with Asana for a complete management.

The bad news it time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. See what Gândăcel can do for you!

We made thorough research before starting to work on Gândăcel Card Rewards: what does our team love to do at the office? What does the eJump company needs to reinforce or improve? What did work well in the past? What tasks, challenges and team efforts can we gamify?

We wanted to drive the right behavior to enable the team to feel better, work better and act better.

The gamification challenge:

The challenge was to make sure we got the right plan since the beginning and that all the elements of the platform are in line with eJump brand identity and goals – the dashboard, the cards and the messages behind them, the right technologies and the best profiles for each of our colleagues.

We made a list of the common tasks someone has at eJump, the extra efforts made occasionally; the ways of showing gratitude and appreciation; the number of assigned projects; the events we plan together; the help offered to new eJumpers; the innovative ideas they bring on the table, including the onboarding process!

With a themed gamification platform like Card Rewards, you get:

  • a design that reflects your brand and organisational culture
  • customized card reward designs
  • automation processes for card rewarding, depending on your chosen metrics and much more.

The gamification solution:

The design stage – our designer was super excited to work on the layouts for the game-like platform. At first, just a few of us knew about Card Rewards because we wanted it to be a surprise. So we researched and agreed on the cosmic theme, using design elements like planets and stars, asteroids and space shuttles – everything that represents the eJump brand identity.

We worked a lot on the copywriting (the name of the cards and their descriptions) to make sure it’s funny and a bit epic. And the designs proved to be the same: funny and cute, worthy of superheroes who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The funny cosmic look & feel was meant to raise endorphins levels for the team, and also the quality bar of eJump business.

The coding stage – part of our young and cosmic developers started to code the platform based on different algorithms and web technologies like Angular, PHP and MySQL and implemented some of their own creative ideas into the design, working to integrate Card Rewards as a separate module into the Gândăcel management tool, to be easily accessed and fully integrated with Asana and daily timesheets.

And now, here are the results: a custom gamification platform for our eJumpers that keeps track of our unlocked and sent achievements (to other players), offer transparent overview of all team players and surprise us with new accomplishments for all we say or do at the office – our hard skills or soft skills.

What are some benefits of gamification? Why gamify your workplace?

  • You give constructive feedback through customized and fun card rewards for each action/ task completed (or neglected)
  • You get a stronger teamwork & more focused team players
  • Good stress ON: feeling happy, excited and accomplished at the same time through friendly competitions.
  • You see employees’ engagement, productivity and long-term motivation
  • Accurate evaluation of each employee’s accomplishments and new skills
  • Stronger commitment to daily assigned tasks and clients’ needs
  • Getting all excited to be on a interactive quest of becoming the best version of themselves
  • A customizable and creative look & feel that triggers positive behavior and proactivity
  • Endorphine and serotonine leveled up instantly.

This custom gamification software wasn’t just for some fun at the office. We are experienced managers, passionate designers and hard-working developers, curious content writers and ambitious project managers, so we put all our skills into it to make sure it represents our personality, humor and wits, shared values and work quality.

Through work well done, challenges and accomplishments, each of the team gets an exhilarating journey through the eJump world and, honestly, outside of it as well.

If you’re curious about a similar solution for better engagement, productivity and a fun & friendly environment, our design and development team will build a custom gamification platform based on your brand, needs and goals. Let’s talk more!

Type: Web platform - gamification software

Year: 2018






Project: Custom Gamification Platform Design and Development

Agency: eJump Media (internal)

Web Studio: eJump Media

Are you into the business? Your journey to conquer new territories can start today! Come meet our awesome crew, have a great cup of coffee and let’s see how we can bring your ideas to life.

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