Gândăcel Card Rewards

If phrases such as “increased performance”, “team happiness boost”, “high engagement” and “fun at the office” make you jump of excitement, then welcome to a gamification world that can be customized according to your business culture, your team and your branding.

This is an exciting journey of knights and queens, wizards and elves, robots and innovators on a quest of becoming leaders of a better world.  If it sounds just like your team, let your heroes start their own fantastic journey and become stronger, better, wiser and happier, through the custom gamification software for businesses, that we’ve carefully designed and developed: Gândăcel Card Rewards.

Jokes aside, we wanted to present the magic behind the cosmic SaaS we’ve worked so hard for in the past years. But let’s start with the gamification purpose and benefits for businesses.

Custom Gamification for Awesome Teams

It’s simple: we wanted to gamify our workplace. Now you can also do it, according to your own culture and needs. Level up your team’s performance, motivation, and organizational culture. Engage your people with fun games and surprises for measurable, non-game results!

What is the purpose of business gamification?

87% of employees feel gamification makes them more productive

82% of employees feel gamification makes them happier

84% of employees feel gamification makes them more engaged

We started with numbers because they matter (data according to The 2018 Gamification at Work Survey)

custom gamification software benefits

First, a business gamification platform is a custom game-like software that helps companies enhance teamwork and productivity, while engaging employees to be more autonomous, driven, and focused on achieving goals. This is the main purpose of a gamification SaaS. We just added FUN as a goal for ours.

Gamification can be applied even for the most serious businesses in the world and for either big or small teams – everyone, even as an adult, is captivated by games and rewards, about friendly competition.

Any employee, partner, or collaborator will become instantly excited and driven when you face a challenge and think of the rewards for your hard work, talent, use of teamwork and courage. And the easiest way today to do that is by gamifying your business goals, marketing efforts, internal management and communication, your work volume and projects – anything that needs a boost and a meaning that matters to your people.

What is a gamification strategy?

Before getting into the action, you have to think about the gamification strategy: what do you need to accomplish? What are your business pain points? How do your employees engage and communicate? What are your resources and your company culture?

A gamification strategy is a smart action plan to achieve an important business goal/goals (usually employee engagement and motivation, employee recognition and appreciation) through game-like features. This gamification can refer to the workflow, the management, or a performance bonus system, or anything else.

Just a few recommendations:

  • Think long-term and plan every step of the gamification process based on your research data on business and team.
  • Don’t start big, start smart – with a well-thought prototype to test the efficacy and get useful feedback from the users.
  • Keep everything transparent on the gamification platform and track the results in the same manner, to stimulate friendly competition and validate employees’ achievements.
  • Celebrate each of your employee’s unique quirks and efforts.
  • Keep the rewards meaningful, not expensive – in the long term, it can create false incentives.
  • Keep improving your gamification platform with customized rewards, challenges and messages.
  • The real work starts after the launch – pay attention to support and maintenance services to keep the gamification platform safe and updated whenever you need to add something new to it.

CASE STUDY: Gândăcel Card Rewards – eJump’s themed gamification platform

Our managing leaders, Bogdan and Radu, have dreamed of a cool employee appreciation platform for the team, for a long time. While we had our annual one-month team challenge to boost our teamwork and happiness and validate all nice deeds, big or small (the Gratitude Challenge), we needed something cooler and more creative, and without a constant offline interaction for weird team games (IT nerds…). After all, we’re talking about a crew of web developers, testers, and web designers here.

Gândăcel Card Rewards was born as our own gamification software. The team went from offline gamification from time to time, to online gamification on a constant basis.

The result is playful, colorful and surprising – there are many card rewards to send and to unlock – just like in a video game, we earn experience points, jump to the next level in both online and offline and smile more at the office.

See a short presentation of our business gamification Saas here:

To make it happen, the two wanted to extend the existing custom management app built by our team: Gândăcel, used to complete our daily timesheets, to plan our holidays, to make estimates, and send reports to clients – it’s also integrated with Asana for complete management.

See what our management Saas, Gândăcel, can do for your business optimization!

We made thorough research before starting to work on Gândăcel Card Rewards: what does our team love to do at the office? What does the company need to improve? What did work well in the past? What tasks, challenges, and team efforts can we gamify? We wanted to drive the right behavior to enable the team to feel better, work better, and act better.

Before Gândăcel Card Rewards: What was the gamification challenge?

Pain points:

  • most of us were introverts and millennials curious about digital stuff, cool games and how to develop more social and creative skills;
  • the team needed more engaging and fun activities to balance the ongoing coding and design work at the office;
  • the company culture needed to be reinforced on a regular basis;
  • our communication skills had to be developed more both online and offline for better proactivity, feedback, and teamwork.

Another big challenge was to make sure we got it right from the beginning and that the software development, design work and creative branding were reflecting the eJump brand identity and goals.

By choosing to develop a customizable business gamification platform, we wanted to help other businesses with:

  • a custom design theme that reflects your brand and organizational culture in the smallest details;
  • a smart and creative set of various themed card rewards (endless possibilities) in line with your branding and business needs;
  • a visually engaging dashboard to stimulate friendly competition and team efficacy in achieving common goals or individual quests;
  • complex automation processes that ensure smooth card rewards assignment, depending on chosen metrics and other measurable goals.

The solution: Card Rewards, a custom gamification platform for SUPERTEAMS

gamification software as employee appreciation platform - web development agency

We made a list of the most common tasks, quirks and achievements our employees may have at our web design and development company in Bucharest:

  • the onboarding process was perfect for gamification and efficacy in ensuring new employees faster accommodation at the job;
  • the daily tasks that were assigned to each Jumper
  • the Gratitude challenge, of course!
  • the various social initiatives we try from time to time: going in teambuilding, event planning, writing on our Blog;
  • our biggest ongoing web projects that require hard work and dedication;
  • the teamwork efforts
  • being fun at the office, playing music or telling jokes, cheering up;
  • also, kind reminders and creative support when something is not done quite right or when someone makes a mistake without realising.

The design stage

Our talented web designer was super excited to work on the ambitious layouts for our own game-like platform. At first, just a few of us knew about Card Rewards because we wanted it to be a surprise. So we researched and agreed on the space theme, using design elements such as planets and stars, asteroids, and space shuttles – everything that represents the eJump brand identity as well. We worked a lot on the copywriting: the card names and messages, punch lines, fun descriptions. And the designs proved to be the same: funny and creative, epic and worthy of superheroes who don’t take themselves too seriously. The funny cosmic look & feel was meant to raise endorphins levels for the team, and also the quality bar of eJump business.

The coding stage:

Part of our young and cosmic developers started to work hard on the platform using different algorithms and web technologies such as  Angular, PHP, and MySQL and implemented their own creative ideas into the design. The developers also managed to integrate our Card Rewards platform as a unique, separate module into the Gândăcel management tool we use daily. This way, it could be easily accessed and each one can see new unlocked cards and fun updates from colleagues every day!

The results:

  • a custom gamification platform that keeps track of our unlocked achievements and sent gratitude messages (to other players),
  • a friendly and intuitive game-like dashboard that offers a transparent overview of all team players and our progress
  • a digital space to have fun and be reminded of our hard work, our important role and uniqueness, and everything that we are as a growing IT business and as a wonderful team of professionals and nice people.

What are some benefits of a custom themed employee appreciation platform? Why gamify your workplace with Card Rewards?

  • You offer efficient feedback through customized, fun card rewards for each action/task completed (or neglected)
  • You get a stronger teamwork & more focused team players on the projects’ quality.
  • Activating the good “stress”: feeling happy, excited, successful through friendly competitions and personal challenges.
  • You see employees’ engagement, productivity and long-term motivation
  • Accurate evaluation of each employee’s accomplishments and new skills
  • Stronger commitment to daily assigned tasks and clients’ needs
  • Getting all excited to be on a interactive quest of becoming the best version of themselves
  • A customizable and creative look & feel that triggers positive behavior and proactivity
  • Endorphine and serotonine leveled up instantly.

This custom gamification software wasn’t just for some fun at the office. We are experienced managers, passionate designers, hard-working developers and ambitious project managers, so we put all our skills into it to make sure it represents our personality, humor, and wits, shared values and work quality.

If you’re curious about a similar business solution for better engagement, productivity and a fun & friendly workplace for your employees, our web design and development experts can build it custom, just as you need it.

Let’s talk more!


Type: Web platform - gamification software

Year: 2018






Project: Custom Gamification Platform Design and Development

Agency: eJump Media (internal)

Web Studio: eJump Media

Are you into the business? Your journey to conquer new territories can start today! Come meet our awesome crew, have a great cup of coffee and let’s see how we can bring your ideas to life.

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