CarFix App

 CarFix App

In the past year and a half, our team has developed CarFix, a much-needed mobile app for car owners who want to save time, handle the car paperwork digitally and get important things done in the quickest way.  

The Client

CarFix is a mobile app owned by GT Motive that aims at reducing or, better said, saving you from any useless trip to various public institutions to get things done when it comes to car paperwork in Romania. 

With the CarFix app, “you can notify or assess a car insurance claim in case of a car crash or road accident injury, manage payments, due dates and car documents easier from the app”. Basically, anything that involved neverending trips back and forth to various places to make sure you’re up to date with your car documents and information, is now easily accessible on your mobile. 

You get notifications any time important updates are available about your car papers, for example, you’re notified when your insurance, mandatory technical inspection or road tax expires and when it’s time for the next car maintenance. 

Moreover, if you had a car accident or were involved in one, you can use the app to make a claim directly on your mobile, which will be filled out automatically in the report. You will easily be guided through the claim assessment process, being able to complete payments or schedule appointments with car repair shops.   

This digital product is indispensable to car owners in Romania, given that car-related tasks are numerous, difficult to manage and require a lot of time spent on them. 

As shown on the CarFix website, the app reduces the time lost on unnecessary interactions and motor claims from several hours in a week to a couple of minutes. You can see the app benefits here

CarFix mobile app

The Work

The designs were already completed, so the client asked us to handle the mobile app development stage. By the way, the design is extremely neat! 

The app needed to be developed in the most intuitive and easy to use way, with a flawless UX (of course, same with the back-end functionalities). 

Our team built it with React and got it ready for both Android and iOS. We also had to integrate public car-related services such as RAR (Romanian Automotive Register) and also features such as Optical character recognition to extra data from scanned texts. 

But the list of our challenges continued, as the client was really determined to develop an excellent digital product for the Romanian car owners, and had many new ideas to implement. 

To sum up, we needed to ensure fast and simple functionalities, a seamless UX and making sure that all the car and car owner’s paperwork can be easily managed within the app and that any claim can be 100% completed as quickly and easily as possible by the users. 

It may sound simple, but it’s definitely not – we had to “translate” a troublesome process that one has to follow “offline” in just a few steps online. 

Luckily, when it comes to client communication, everything has been going great in the last year and a half. We have a great business relationship with the GT Motive team, defined by regular meetings, brainstorming the best tech solutions, consulting sessions and active listening of our teams’ input in building a solid app together.

The CarFix app is available on mobile devices, and we continue to collaborate with the client and develop the product further.

Type: Mobile App

Year: 2021

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