Club Wow

Brace yourselves, this is a huge project we’ve been developing and catering to for over a year now. And it’s as exciting, challenging and amazing as it promised at the beginning.

The Club Wow team wanted to make something spectacular with their platform, something that would help thousands of people across the world to share their moments of shine, especially those from the competitive dance field.

On short, we’ve been developing a new, innovative, next generation platform focused on Photography, Live Streaming and Video on Demand for its users around the world. Now, the features and the development part… the presentation part of the website was done with WordPress, as usual. But the rest of the platform – actually, the platform itself – was custom built from scratch, using PHP and MySQL.

What’s cool is that the clients have all the necessary logistics to go to major, different international events where they can take pictures and lots of videos with the performers, then to upload all of them in this platform – our work involved the smart mechanism through which each photo or video is matched with the performer that appears in them, based on different information like a dancers list for that particular event and the exif data of the multimedia. This means that we match the dancers on the stage at a given time with a picture at that given time – all these to make sure each user of the Club Wow platform has access to personalized content (their performances & appearances).

This real-time sync is made possible thanks to a complex work behind the scenes, which took over a year to complete. This was the tough challenge after all, to match the videos and photos with the users ASAP, based on the custom algorithm without mixing things up, keeping the server alive and kicking especially when the traffic is intense on the site and also provide a super-reliable, optimized and fast loading platform.

The platform offers other important features like events calendar and social media traits; the users – meaning the performers at events – can order photo printing while being at the event; what’s nice is that in near future, the platform would resemble social media platforms, meaning that users can register and create a professional profile, where they could upload photos and videos of them and other details – profiles that could be later shared as links with different people like recruiters or managers or anyone interested in working with them.

What’s a plus is that the admin system is linked to a big device installed at the event which sends the performers’ details in real time to be shown on the screens – so, the platform allows the display of animations, presentations, announcements and other media for different competitions, in real time.

The workload was incredible, the project is engaging, complex and innovative and our team got more experienced thanks to this opportunity. And the Club Wow digital story is yet to be fully revealed.

Type: Web platform

Year: 2018






Project: Club Wow - Photography, Live Streaming and Video on Demand

Client: Senergy Digital

Web Studio: eJump Media


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