Davino, the most famous premium wine producers in Romania, reached out to us for the rebranding of their online identity.

We took the design & coding challenge and got immersed in a wonderful story to tell.

With an unstoppable passion and determination, a well-deserved place in the premium niche and big plans for the future, Davino deserved an online website redesign to reflect all that. Just to mention a few: all Davino wines to be organic by 2028; investments go into the latest technologies and new additions to their company (a new room for wine aging, a new modern cellar, even opening a restaurant using their own farm-grown fruits and vegetables), and the list goes on.

The challenge: an elegant website dedicated to premium wine enthusiasts across the world

Davino Homepage designed by eJump

Now, back to the Davino website redesign and development – we’re simply happy that our design and coding team had the chance to work on such a special project, whose visual story is truly about refinement and elegance. It’s less about commerce and more about the magic of discovery.

Its wines are famous internationally due to the high prices and the fact they are considered the best ones produced in Romania, in the last decades. So we can say it is a brand as special as its wines, defined by “creation and striving for an act of self-improvement, year after year”. This is the message they wanted to convey through their online identity and share with all their customers and wine enthusiasts across the world, in pursuit of new tasting experiences.

Davino presentation website - inner page design

Our super excited designer worked on a creative and elegant layout that expresses the fine stories of the Romanian wine producer, the brand values and a premium feel. Instead of flashy content, you get exciting discoveries and scenes behind the wine scene.

The purpose of the redesign was to showcase the award-winning wines in a coherent and almost poetic narrative that gently intrigues and tickles the curiosity of wine lovers. The desire of savoring one of the exquisite Davino wines becomes a promise, once you learn about each chapter of their memorable creations.

Beautiful page layout for Davino website redesign

The result: the Davino website is a classic, refined and intriguing visual story showcasing the magic happening in Dealu Mare

We’re talking about the best premium wine producer in Romania, whose creations have conquered the world. Maybe you already enjoyed the famous Flamboyant wine, or the intense Iacob wine, the precious Rezerva or other wines worthy of your collection, such as Domaine Ceptura, Revelatio, Făurar, Monogram. They are award-winning products, dedicated to a knowledgeable audience, thus the design had to focus on an elegant and refined identity, with visual touches leaving room for curiosity and desire to explore them.

What about bringing these stories to life, through coding?

Davino wine brand website design

Davino wine brand website design

The entire website focuses on the power of storytelling, greatly enhanced by the coding work. From the coding perspective, each element of the page brings to life each chapter of the Davino story, whether we’re talking about short content that pops up only if you want to discover it, immersing yourself into a delightful experience you can almost taste and smell, impressive drone footage of vineyards and cellars, revealing behind the scenes images of where the wine magic happens, in Dealu Mare.

The new branding proposed by Davino’s ambitious team of professionals was not the usual challenge, but a special experience in which our skilled design and development team had the chance to bring creative ideas, technical skills and lines of code to life.

In the end, the Davino identity becomes a Dionysian tale ready to be savored with a good ruby wine that brings more meaning, perfection, and joy to your present.

Type: Website redesign and development

Year: 2019


Project: Davino

Agency: eJump Media

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: https://davino.ro/

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