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 Dino Parc

When fun gets a digital transformation, things get really interesting. That was the case of dinoparc.ro – the online platform for the largest dinosaur themed park in South-Eastern Europe.

The story

We’re happy and proud that our team was selected to create the new & improved digital version of Dino Parc Râșnov – the largest dinosaur-themed park in South-Eastern Europe. 

It was the perfect combo of the exciting challenge of building a complex solution and the fun and attractive experience it provided.

In short, dinoparc.ro is the official platform for the biggest dinosaur park in South-Eastern Europe, which covers an area of 3,5 hectares and it’s a recreation area and an open-air museum as well.

“In addition to an impressive route with 100 scientifically certified, life-size dinosaurs, the park has children’s playgrounds, tree houses with science exhibitions, a 9D cinema and a 360° cinema, adventure trails, laser maze, unique exhibitions, and other interactive areas.”

No wonder that people from Romania and other countries are excited to visit! Naturally, they need a high-quality website to find out more about the themed park and order tickets online the easiest way.

So, yes: this project was a lot about simplifying people’s lives while letting them have all the fun in the park. This is why developing their platform required a bit of more complex coding work.

Dino Parc Rasnov - themed park website

The work

The project consisted of building a platform that would work as both a presentation website and a ticket shop. It is available in two languages: Romanian and English.

Our team was responsible for the design and the development stages (including maintenance), as well as for other essential technical aspects:

  • We created a simple, yet attractive design to fit the theme of the project
  • We built the website with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • We handled multiple back-end integrations to simplify the processes for both the client and their customers and enjoy a very smooth and fast customer journey:
    • tracking the ticket scanning (in the park, with a mobile app) and have a clear overview of which tickets were used or not
    • setting automatic processes for faster and better management of orders, invoices, documents
    • integrated the newsletter system in the website with the Selfiebox system in the park

The success

Because we had so many stages of work – web design, website implementation, and back-end integrations for the platform, the project development plan was a bit more rigorous. 

Luckily, we had a very dedicated, open, and professional client who has been keen on collaborating and helping as a real business partner (our favorite kind!).

It’s not just about the quality and delivery of the work, but also the quality of the management. So we know that the success of the Dino Parc Râșnov website was also because:

  • we had clearly defined stages of the work needed for the website
  • we had weekly meetings with the client about the progress
  • the client agreed on the designs before implementation – and we did implement them without last-minute changes (yay!)
  • the client trusted us with the research & development of the best ticketing system for their project
  • the client asked us for an analysis of the existing infrastructure and recommendations for better options

Maintenance also plays a role in the success of every project – as it is with Dino Parc, too.

The updates & maintenance stage should be part of any successful planning since only after the launch of a project, the “real work” begins – it’s the critical time where the development team can spot and fix issues (which can only be seen when the project is live), can see how things work and also fine-tune the platform.

With Dino Parc Râșnov, our team was happy to handle the maintenance so that the client and us could see and understand the user behavior, to create a continuously updated FAQ page based on the most common questions, and to help train the employees (from the park) to work with the platform.

Type: Website and Online Shop

Year: 2021





Project: dinoparc.ro

Agency: Conan PR

Web Studio: eJump Digital

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