Elite Private Financial Group

 Elite Private Financial Group

Elite PFG was founded by a team of seasoned financial professionals dedicated to providing a boutique service for professional traders. Elite Private Financial Group is an award-winning one-stop brokerage firm focused on delivering value to clients. Their products help traders maximize their returns by giving unparalleled access and advantages in financial market trading. Elite PFG’s client-first approach enables them to provide exceptional tools to optimize returns.

We’re fond of WordPress, but we’re highly skilled and experienced in other CMS, thou shalt not worry! That’s why we’re one of those Bucharest-based web development agencies that do Drupal work, also. And Magento, Open Cart, ERP/CRM implementations and other smart web dev things like that. Thanks to a great business relationship with our long-term and reliable client who has the project Forex Web Design, we got to work on another project together – Elite PFG. More exactly, our web designers and web developers had to create the layouts for the website and implement on Drupal. This work resulted in powerful designs with strong messages meant to deliver information to users in a bold, yet simple form. Straight to the point, engaging, easy to navigate and modern – the focus was on visual content and also on smart features and functionalities for the website – this project is suited on the client’s needs.

Type: Websites

Year: 2015




Project: Elite Private Financial Group Website

Client: Elite Private Financial Group

Production Studio: Forex Web Design

Implementation Studio: eJump Media

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