EPG Intelligent Facilities

One of our most challenging projects is EPG Intelligent Facilities, an innovative and agile app developed on the Mindsphere BMS and energy management system (owned by Siemens).

This is a joint venture alongside Inovium Digital Vision and EPG that promises to revolutionize the energy industry and provide top notch services to consumers around the world. On short, EPG Intelligent Facilities is an IoT software with remarkable features that enable major or leading companies to explore the full potential and value buildings have and optimize energy consumption through modern technology.

The application is continuously developed to meet the highest standards of the industry while minimizing all operational costs – mainly for office buildings, large facilities, wind and photo-voltaic parks, factories and production halls and many more.

On short, everything (all data, consumption, parameters, maintenance, alerts) becomes available in real time through a single management system based on cloud that integrates the entire electrical equipment of a building or buildings and also IoT solutions, in the most secure way – thanks to the enterprise security ensured by Siemens. The buildings may be or not be intelligent – the application connects them all and ensures the entire communication between them.

The main traits of EPG Intelligent Facilities are:

  • Easy deployment
  • Multi-site facilities management
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Predictive maintenance

The team responsible of building this innovative software for international companies in the energy industry consists of our skilled software engineers, web developers and designers who keep a strong and fast communication on a daily basis. This is one more reason why the project itself is very important to us all, because we’ve been using and also developing new skills with a focus on all levels of its development. This was critical in ensuring the best actions taken to customize the application for various clients from Romania and abroad as well.

After all, we like to think intelligent management leads to intelligent properties. And it’s a proven success. In this fast-paced world dependent of instant and optimal connection between people and technology, digitization is a critical step in ensuring your business as a competitive and consistent one.

And EPG Intelligent Facilities is best developed to let building managers properly monitor, control and manage data from a user-friendly BMS that saves you power to expand more and more the smart way.

EPG Intelligent Facilities is entirely thought and built to remove critical building management operational issues like:

  • Operational challenges for each site
  • Tenants & Manufacturers manual billing
  • Ineffective energy consumption
  • Equipment faults and failure

We couldn’t have been more proud of this technological venture. Moreover, the software is incredibly responsive on desktop and mobile devices – available on iOS and Android – precisely to ensure greatest control on data. It improves user experience in an innovative way and allows notifications in real time, but also access to detailed reports on equipment status, consumption or alarms.

Our entire team of software engineers and developers have worked on innovative management for best control and team collaboration through multilevel administration and separate accounts for buildings’ occupants and managers. EPG Intelligent Facilities include user administration and building administration, equipment administration but also…

Automated workflow and building for optimal productivity. Simply put, EPG Intelligent Facilities simplifies all operations by removing the burdens of manual billing or by predicting equipment failure or faults, and offering consumption and power quality monitoring. It also allows automated distribution of costs to building tenants and their information through the mobile app, as well as monthly reports and other important features to each client.

Nonetheless, what’s equally important is the software application in various industries. Being an IoT solution developed by both eJump and Inovium teams with their strong focus on a brighter future, EPG Intelligent Facilities can be easily customized for each and every business – from energy or electrical companies to food and beverage companies. Now you can save energy to grow and expand the smart way and harness the full power of innovation through a single solution.

And more has yet to come! But meanwhile, you can personally check and talk with our representatives at international events – the next one will be in Hannover, Germany, between 1st – 5th of April 2019.


Type: IoT software app

Year: 2019


Project: BMS-based IoT application design and development

Client: EPG

Web studio: eJump Media and Inovium

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