EXIMPROD GRUP (EPG) is a Romanian group of large companies directing its innovative activities in the energy & utilities sector. Our team was responsible of the improved presentation website by ensuring a modern, more user-friendly design and responsive WordPress implementation.

In 2019, Eximprod Grup marked 25 years of long-standing innovation in the utilities & energy sector. In celebration of the anniversary, the company decided to redesign their offical website with our help. With a strong focus on production, energy automation, renewable energy, design and consulting and digitalization in utilities sector as well, the entrepreneurial company deserved a totally new online branding makeover to reflect their big accomplishments.

So why not doing it in style, by also celebrating their 25th year anniversary?

The project:

This wasn’t just some work for our design and dev team, but quite a memorable moment. We’ve been working together for a long time, and it was our team that designed and implemented the old website. In many ways, we’ve grown together –as business partners, as companies and as experienced professionals. So we’re pretty happy we had the chance to mark this special occasion and their substantial progress by refreshing their online identity.

So we started: modern design first, a responsive, WordPress implementation second.

New website redesign and WordPress implementation for an energy industry company

The work:

The initial website was responsive and informative, but too “basic” and outdated: it had an old, technical look & feel that didn’t reflect the company anymore. The client team asked for a neat and modern design, much more intuitive than it used to be, obviously. They also wanted us to add some new features in line with their expanding business, and also a design that would highlight their story.

Speaking of growing together – of course now we had a lot of new creative & functional approaches to the redesign stage. Our web designer came up with bolder, visually richer layouts while keeping it classic and minimalist.

The old Homepage had static sections that didn’t connect too greatly: for the new page, we used the brand colors, improved typography and styling, and highlighted their services and solutions in a more natural flow.

With the use of more relevant, colorful imagery, but also thanks to more dynamic elements like big dropdown menus, subtle animation effects, a creative & interactive About us section, a News section and a clear and practical footer, the layout became a modern tool to better attract users and provide useful information for them.

We simplified the menu, reorganized old sections, created a blog page and also added new features such as a special page for new EPG partners benefits, and an interactive timeline showcasing their key  milestones in the last 25 years of innovation.

We applied the same ideas to the other page layouts: a functional and natural user journey on each page, adding more engaging images and interactions for a richer experience for the users. The new modern look & feel focuses on functional simplicity, an intuitive approach, more engagement with the users and a minimalistic design.

After keeping a frequent communication with the client and agreeing on the clear design process, our developer started the implementation stage of the bilingual website on WordPress, handling the responsiveness as well.

Since EPG is a company group with history and tradition that constantly builds innovative products and services for better digitization and automation, the new website had to reflect just that.

Type: Website

Year: 2020




Project: epg.ro

Agency: eJump Digital

Web Studio: eJump Digital

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