Fanatical Sabbatical

One of our long-term US clients happens to be a travel fanatic for over 15 years. And Fanatical Sabbatical is her web project!

With more and more people aware of the amazing benefits of taking a sabbatical leave – for employees and companies as well – trustful resources for planning such vacations are needed. Like this one!

A sabbatical is not just a two weeks holiday, when it’s impossible not to check your phone and see a new email from the office at least once a day. It’s a great way to completely detach from a daily routine and allow your mind to discover balance and explore creativity, your soul to reflect and your body to relax and heal. All these, while you can meet new people and live meaningful experiences outside your comfort zone!

Sounds awesome, right?

Fortunately, one of our long-term clients from US happens to be a travel fanatic for over 15 years. Together with her husband, Michelle started her personal project, Fanatical Sabbatical – an online resource for planning career breaks, sabbaticals and journeys like hers.

Regarding the workflow, our team had to design the pages and implement them, so we were glad to cover both services for this website. Thanks to Michelle, who helped us with her personal creative ideas and also her open-mindedness to our ideas and proposals, too, the designs are beautiful and powerful and perfectly sum up what Fanatical Sabbatical means. The layouts entirely express the brand identity through interactivity and colors, typography and lively visual sections enhanced by plenty of playful animations, lively hover effects and parallax effects. Hope you like it as much as Michelle and we do 🙂


The implementation part was a bit tricky, yes, but this wasn’t a real major issue. The main animation on the Homepage, the Shop and Resources functionalities and features, the scrolling functionalities for the Blog and Start Here pages and the responsiveness part for such an impactful website required some research and thinking about solutions, hard work and testing and… success! We launched it into space and we were extremely happy to see our client looking so content and excited. Although minor updates are needed, we cover this part of maintenance, so give it a try. If you’re curious or want to plan a great adventure, check out

Type: Website

Year: 2017







Project: Fanatical Sabbatical web design and implementation

Web Studio: eJump Media


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