Lately, there have been a lot of careful work and brainstorming going on for a really interesting project that our team has been developing in the past months.

That’s because what we do for this client implies an interactive video presentation based on different scenes and games – all animated and built for a Kinect app. So it’s not just about designing and programming. It’s a little bit more complex than that. Like…you know, Kinect.

Being a major global player in the automotive industry (right now, Faurecia has over 300 sites in 35 countries!) for such a long time in fields like automotive seating, emissions control technologies and interior systems, it’s obviously essential to them to keep everything secured and have it under control, while providing more innovative and excellent services to their partners as well. And, after all, Faurecia is a business that handles many operational facilities in the entire world, with thousands of people involved in it.

Here comes our job.

Because of their type of business and because a lot of people (engineers, technicians) work in or visit their big facilities, workplace safety is a top-class priority.

They knew they needed to make a new move in that direction so they decided to raise awareness and share different series of interactive lessons about workplace safety. But in a way that wouldn’t bore people, on the contrary: in a way that would engage. Through innovation, since they are so great at it. Must mention here that Faurecia is the 8th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world; one in four automobiles is equipped by them!

Moving on to our part of the job. They sent us the designs and our team of designers and coders (George, Alexandru and Mircea) had to bring them to life through animation and awesome technology – which they did. Their hard work paid off and the final result was this fun and interactive lesson in the form of a Kinect app, as futuristic as the client’s profile. Yup, a fun Kinect app about workplace safety.

The client was so satisfied with this first one that he requested to work on the following series with different contexts and hazards and also build the web versions, too (mobile, tablet) for it, so that all the people working – or not – in their facilities would have access to these interactive lessons – and learn about workplace safety.

And yes, it was pretty exciting to tackle all of these technologies (animations, programming, Kinect) for this project. The next steps: more interactive series to come!

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Type: Kinect app; Web app; Mobile app

Year: 2017




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