It’s been a while since we had the opportunity to contribute, dev-wise, to a pro bono project like, with such an unique approach to storytelling and impactful social theme.

The story:

Fragile – The Series is about vulnerability and power and documents life stories of Romanian women struggling with abuse and the tensions created by the prejudices of others and the expectations of society.

The portraits actually make up a puzzle of the types of problems that women in Romania face, but it also shows how these women have managed to find their strength to overcome their obstacles and suffering. This puzzle is a reflection of how society relate to women and feminism.

With the help of a known actress, these stories can reach people and start a painful, but necessary conversation. The project also aims to show there is a support system (also fragile because it is not supported by state policies) which women can reach in difficult times. social project for vulnerable women in Romania

The challenge:

Our team took charge of the website development phase.

The project followed a clear step-by-step process, which needed a strong and transparent collaboration with the other dedicated teams (branding, marketing). We had to work in sync and meet on a weekly basis to discuss the progress, updates and feedback.

Because there was a lot of rich content to implement (especially text), the biggest challenge was to make everything look good in a readable, engaging way and with an airy look & feel.

Initially, we didn’t have the logo or other graphic elements to implement. We started working with the resources we had, and kept an open and flexible approach for small, but frequent changes along the way – for example, to find a better font to express the narrative in an authentic way and met the client’s needs (clean, readable, sleek).

The website didn’t need anything fancy or extravagant. The only thing our client asked was to use a website color palette that fit the natural palette of the series.

But we did have to implement some elegant and well-chosen animation effects and UI interactions. Their role was to enhance the visual impact and let the stories unfold in an artistic and almost dramatic way.

The work:

Our coding team handled the implementation and customization of the chosen WordPress theme, using CSS and JS skills for extra customizations.

We also took care of various changes and requests during the project development, mainly UI/UX tweaks and dev updates to make sure the series flow reached the audience – adjusting button design, displaying long texts in a way that looked good on the website, embedding YouTube videos.

We had weekly meetings to discuss the progress with the other teams involved in the project, and adapt where needed, because it was important to our client – and to the social project. All of the contributions – development, branding, marketing, design – were essential parts of the narrative.

The storytelling had to create an immersive experience that allowed users to empathize with the characters and their stories – wonderfully brought to life by actress Ioana Flora. As a result, the entire project is like a digital dramatic performance that keeps the readers engaged.

Our entire team was once again grateful to be working with Diana Dragomir (Gamify) and be part of this incredible social platform, steady behind the lines (of code).

It was an incredible opportunity for our team to work pro bono again, with such ambitious, creative professionals! Still, we couldn’t have done it without the hard work put in by the many women who made their voices heard through – behind and in front of the screen.

Type: Presentation Website for the Social Sector

Year: 2021


CSS, JS, WordPress, UI/UX



Agency: Gamify

Web Studio: eJump Digital

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