This nice web project caught our attention thanks to its new approach and interesting theme.

Of course, there were many reviews based on the client’s feedback for the copy especially (the layout was super well received by him). Having such an interesting theme – a web design for Nationwide Aerial Photograph Company – our web designer focused on creating a balanced and simple layout with a few striking elements here and there to make it more appealing and to inspire movement and, of course, to highlight the amazing aerial photography made with drones.

The client liked our web design for his project, although we didn’t won the contest. He chose a safer and more typical design version for his drone services, but we’re proud of our work and thought our version deserved a place in our portfolio – giving its attractive theme and lively approach. Like the client wanted, our designer created a minimal, modern, crisp and to the point layout for this website. Serious, but not serious. Flexible and professional. Easy to navigate and user-friendly, with well structured information. That’s why we liked it so much. As for the color palette, tones of white, grays and a citrus color were blended in a fresh and simple design. And, like we craft all of our designs, we made it responsive on web and mobile devices. We also changed the logo in this design (the client wasn’t sure about his initial logo).

Type: Website

Year: 2017


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Project: Website Design for Nationwide Aerial Photography Company

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: https://www.behance.net/gallery/53613163/HomeFilming-Drones-Services-Design-Template

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