Jared Wray

 Jared Wray

Jared Wray, Chief Technology Officer for CenturyLink Cloud, is an early cloud pioneer and visionary architect. The goal with this web site is to enable a central interaction point of tweets, instagram, social media, blogs, attending events, event summaries, photo streams (events and others), development progress (github), open source projects (description), links that are organized, press, live blogging (building a blog on the fly that posts to social networks and others), other investments, books recommendations.

eJump’s work for this web project consisted of web design and web development services. Oh, the holy combo we’ve been praying for since we’ve started. For both ours and client’s sake, since this helps everyone to work, deliver and enjoy high-end solutions for web projects that rock!

Anyway, the client wanted a redesign that would focus more on graphics, with rich colors and big, suggestive pictures, to create a “like never before” digital social experience.

Our designer created a powerful visual layout for this blog, using dark background, vibrant turquoise tones and some fine hover effects. Instead of a typical menu, this layout includes social media links and consists of few sections.

The keyword is visual, so no wonder our designer included icons, subtle effects, slides and bold patterns. Simple, cool, attractive and intuitive, this website was proudly designed and implemented by our team according to client’s needs.

Type: Websites

Year: 2015




Project: Jared Wray Website Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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