J&B Color Your Date Up

 J&B Color Your Date Up

Momobi hired the team to support their latest J&B campaign with a branded HTML5 app which lubricates the communication in clubs where J&B parties are held.

Who needs Tinder when you have THIS app? Jokes swiped to the left, creating this branded app for J&B was like a shy version of the famous dating app, so it was fun, challenging and interesting to build. This project was part of client’s campaign to enhance communication between people at club parties – hopefully, those held by J&B. Bringing people together and mixing things up – like they say on their official page. Seems legit to have this one, right?

Thanks to its functionalities, using this app in a bar let you match with people around you who used the same app. So basically, we built a colorful and playful web and mobile app which allowed a real-time chat between people on their devices, while having fun in a club. And you got to choose your color and win free drinks. What can you want more?

Type: Mobile Apps, Web Apps

Year: 2013





Project: Color Your Date Up

Client: J&B

Ad Agency: Momobi

Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

WebStudio: eJump Media

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