Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services S.A. is an independent firm providing investment services for over 24 years, both on the stock market and the derivatives market. Through the license granted by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (H.C.M.C), Nuntius Brokerage & Investments Services is regulated under MIFID law and has the right to offer the following services: (1) Reception and transmission of orders; (2) Execution of orders on behalf of clients; (3) Investment advisory; (4) Investment portfolio management.

Another Forex project we’ve implemented on WordPress was KeyOption, an online platform dedicated to investors – the users – who want to make better investment decisions and which promotes the best trading experiences for them. They benefit from financial services, analysis, expertise offered by reliable professionals and have access to many features related to the industry.

We worked for the programming part – this website had to be fast, reliable and optimized, as well as responsive on all devices – as well as for the design aspect, too. The client looked for best suited design, so our web designers delivered these modern, well structured, focused on visuals related to the industry (info graphics for example) and easy to use layouts, as the client needed.

Type: Websites

Year: 2016




Project: KeyOption

Client: Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services

Production Studio: Forex Web Design

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