KFC Wi-Fi Test

 KFC Wi-Fi Test

In order to help high school students to pass their graduation tests KFC turned their free Wi-Fi into Wi-Fi tests. You could access the internet only if you answered a question of a high school test. If you didn’t know the answer to the question,  the app would help you find it.

Over the years, we have grown, both as a team, as individuals and as a business. So it was only natural to continue to work with passion, curious about new challenges on the way. Fortunately, the results got better and better and we managed to become a web design and development agency which already has delivered hundreds of projects for many international clients. So it’s a tremendous joy when we go to the next level and meet technical challenges and innovative projects. Like this amazing project: KFC Wi-Fi Test – an educational tool which had a large coverage in Romania. Regarding the workflow and the project itself, our programmers created an educational app for high school students to be used in KFC restaurants in order to benefit from free Wi-Fi. This app’s mission was to help youngsters study for their exams and learning in a fun way about different matters, giving the fact that the high school test results worsened from year to year.

KFC wanted to support Romanian educational system by introducing Wi-Fi tests for students in order to help them study, so we took advantage of our web development skills in PHP, MySql and our beloved WordPress and built this impressive app for their campaign that had a booming popularity. If you’re curious, any client that would have wanted to connect to the wi-fi had to follow the rules and answer the question. Bittersweet memories for those who already have taken the exams!

Type: Web Apps

Year: 2016




Project: KFC Wi-Fi Test

Client: KFC

Ad Agency: MRM Romania

WebStudio: eJump Media

Extras: https://youtu.be/l7bEeoepQTs

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