The project developed into LATZIO LIVING, a rich, stunning platform selling a whole array of designer interiors, beautiful decors, and hand-picked home accessories. 

The start of 2019 found us embarked on a surprising adventure with an ambitious team of professionals from the United Kingdom. They were looking for an open-minded, committed and capable design and development team to build a website selling customizable wardrobes.  

The story changed a lot, though, and after we overcame some notable challenges and big changes, the good prevailed! The project developed into LATZIO LIVING, a rich, stunning platform selling a whole array of designer interiors, beautiful decors, and hand-picked home accessories. 

The challenge: logo design, website design and implementation of a UK e-commerce, within a tight deadline

It was a pleasant surprise to get in touch with a client that’s so attentive and thorough, open to discussions, ready to understand – or at least try to – the many complex aspects of website development. So our teams both started with quite a few rounds of discussions, making sure we offer the right recommendations for what they requested in the brief (type of platform, best solutions for the suggested time frame, estimates, third-party integrations, and so on).  

In the first stage, the client asked us about the logo design, and answered all our questions regarding it. The LATZIO logo design looks modern, sleek and fresh, and it’s very easy to recognize by any user – important attributes requested by our client for their brand logo. 


As for the initial stage of the project, we had chosen to customize a neat and beautiful theme according to the new branding, and implement the needed custom features and functionalities into the platform. Again, communication was essential, and our coding team maintained almost daily conversations and emails with the client’s team in the UK, to make sure they got all the information about the progress. 

The big challenge was time and, as much as we love communicating, a bit too much communication can put pressure and delay progress. But somehow it’s better to discuss things than waiting too much for an urgent response. So, even though talking daily, sometimes on weekends, about the project proved to sometimes be very time-consuming and stressful (it takes some time, you know, to explain all the coding work to a curious client with no expertise, which is obviously natural!), we were glad we had an honest and frequent communication. Moreover, we practiced our patience and management skills, so it’s a win!      

We’ll be honest: instead of completing the design and implementation of the first stage as initially planned in a couple of months of hard work, we all got immersed into the potential of the project. When we discussed more about the ambitious plans of our client, we somehow ended up building a whole new level of an awesome platform! 

This happened many months later, because of a few back-and-forth steps and a lot of changes and improvements for the shop platform.

The results: bold and beautiful logo and web design, and e-commerce development for a forward-thinking European lifestyle brand 

It was all worth it: the thorough discussions and updates, the many months of hard work, creativity and optimization, the frustration and the joy altogether. Because the final result is a rich, easy to use platform with an intuitive interface that allows users to experience different lifestyle flavors and choose their dream home interiors or accessories from a large array of designer brands.

The responsive web and mobile design had to express integrity, passion for art, travel, and nature, and the strong appreciation for diverse cultures – characteristics of the LATZIO brand itself. This is why we crafted a layout with a premium, serious and sleek look & feel, while gracefully reflecting high-quality, simplicity and functional beauty in a clear, yet refreshingly exquisite design and branding.     

If you want to discover more e-commerce and shop platforms we designed and implemented, take a look at Our Portfolio page: there are various brands and industries you can find out more about!

LATZIO Beautiful Homepage design


Type: Custom Responsive Design & E-commerce Development

Year: 2020







Agency: eJump Media

Web Studio: eJump Media


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