This web-based application for the Romanian healthcare industry had been developed by our coders, while the business project is managed by one of the experienced long-term partners of eJump.

Medshop is an intuitive all-in-one app was built to help any healthcare business owner manage the entire activity of their company (patients, appointments, marketing efforts, cash flow and accounting, and much more).

We took care of the Medshop website design and implementation, as well as of the new logo design. Its entire focus was to present the innovative medical app we have built in the past several years, in partnership with the owner of the project. Our team had the web development expertise, and our partner, top sales & business experience.

Medshop app logo design by eJump media


The project started years ago, when Dr. Mihaela Posea (Smart Nutrition Clinic) wanted to efficiently manage the data needed to complete her doctoral dissertation, which focused on a detailed overview of the food journals held by dietitians’ patients. A strong desire and actual need, which led to Medshop, a modern management solution for both general and specialized health clinics.

But let’s talk about this Medshop web product – what is it and who can benefit from it?

The main purpose of the web app is to be used as an intelligent management app that saves you valuable data, patients and time. It is a product that makes use of databases and various modules that are extremely useful to any medical business owner.

We wanted to build something extremely relevant, easy to use and well optimized, instead of a sophisticated web-based app that could rather confuse users. The entire team involved in the project aimed at solving customers’ problems in the shortest time with a clean, fast and customizable platform that would keep track of the entire activities of a health clinic or medical center.

To sum it up, Medshop is a SaaS that functions as a modular “agenda”, tailored to the needs of your medical business. Either it is a small or large company that you own or manage, the Medshop app lets you customize the modules and functionalities you want for your type of business.  

Medshop app module example

Medshop app module example

Speaking about modules, here are the most popular ones you can choose to manage within the app:

  • Patients: this module offers you access to various sections such as the patients’ list, food diaries, physiological data and blood tests for each registered patient of your clinic;
  • Appointments: one of the most important parts of the management is having a clear overview of patients’ appointments (past, current or previous) and their statuses, the availability of your health employees and their schedule – everything you need to know in order to optimize your team workflow and performance, and reduce the no-show rate for appointments (that cost you a lot of money).
  • Employees: this module lets you create, manage and update your employees’ work schedule, in a friendly and intuitive format
  • Accounting: the Medshop app helps you keep an eye on all the operations, providers you work with, invoices and payments, and any financial aspect of your medical business. This way, you can control and make important decisions based on clear insights and cashflow predictions that the app automatically offers based on your accounting data.
  • Marketing: an important module which helps business owners and managers prevent missed appointments and no-shows, while keeping your customers engaged and loyal. The different sections help you keep an efficient and friendly communication with your patients through SMS.
  • Reporting: of course, the app generates clear reports on your team productivity and performance, patient notifications, medical appointments and anything related to your business.
  • Administration: this is the module that allows you to manage everything – from patient subscriptions or patients lists to various templates that simplify your and your team’s work.

Medshop app module example

Our coding team is constantly working on improving the Medshop app based on what medical business owners. If you are curious about the app, find out more here:

Type: Web-based App for the Healthcare Industry

Year: 2018



Project: MEDSHOP

Agency: eJump Media (internal)

Web Studio: eJump Media


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