Michael T. Photography and Design Inc.

 Michael T. Photography and Design Inc.

This website is a presentation of Michael T.’s creative work. There are a few pillars that Michael T. Photography & Design Inc. is built on – ethical business practices, exceptional customer service, extreme professionalism and transparent and open communications.

With this web project we’re moving to another interesting topic, as you see: event photography and graphic design. And it’s an interesting project because we didn’t win the design contest! That’s life, we know, we know… but had to present the creative work we submitted for this international client. Our web designer worked passionately on this responsive layout, from typography and color palette to balance and functionality.

One had to complement another, so our team played with graphics and features in order to deliver a clean, vibrant and soft design, while being modern, elegant and friendly – just as the client wanted. Even though this design didn’t win, it was an unofficial winner thanks to its warm look & feel and clever structure for the visual, text and interactive sections. And especially because it was not your average photography website!

Type: Websites

Year: 2013




Project: Michael T. Photography and Design Inc. Website Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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