KFC Bite to Win

 KFC Bite to Win

Bucharest, 2013: MRM launches „Bite to Win” application, the agency’s first big scale digital campaign for KFC Romania and the company’s first mobile presence in Romania. As for its functionality, there are 50 pre-determined shapes that consumers can find in the KFC Fillet Bites (examples: a heart, an elephant, Elvis, Darth Vader). Using a shape-recognition technology, MRM Romania developed the KFC “Bite to Win” application.

It was a fun game to play by KFC’s consumers, having the chance to win points and this way, win free meals by scanning their meals. All thanks to the way these fillet bites are shaped after sliced and to the brand’s playful team. Testing people’s creativity, this mobile app was available for iOS and Android also. Our team was happy to get on board with this project not only thanks to the playfulness of the idea, but also for the shape-recognition technology behind it and implementing such mobile app in Romania – the first mobile and serious digital campaign for KFC in this country.

Basically, one of our IT project managers, who also happens to be the best senior coder in our team, had created an algorithm which allowed identifying the shapes of these fillet bites in a phone picture and, when these random shapes had matched with a particular one, you’d won prizes. From a web developer’s point of view, well, it was about hardcore programming, shape-recognition algorithms and photo editing through code. Also, we’re talking about 10k users and 50k scans made, overall, so, pretty exciting!

Type: Mobile Apps

Year: 2013


Facebook SDK





Project: Bite to Win

Client: KFC

Ad Agency: MRM Romania

Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Android Development: mReady

WebStudio: eJump Media

Extras: https://youtu.be/TlClGpx-jRY

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