Neco Marine Palau

 Neco Marine Palau

We loved to work on this full custom & full responsive website thanks to its features (like scroll&slide) and adventurous theme.

Being a luxury tourism brand dedicated to promote water sports like diving, kayaking etc. and exploring the Palau archipelago, part of the Micronesia region in the Pacific Ocean, it was only natural that the look & feel of the website to be in line with that: vibrant, smooth, classy, informative and, obviously, up to date!

Neco Marine is a must-have experience for everyone who wants to practice his dive skills or to take courses and enjoy scuba, kayaking, fishing, taking tours of wonderful islands or having a 5 star holiday in Palau.

Oh, we loved to work on this project! Its theme attracted us from the start: the mesmerizing underwater world in Palau, experienced through luxury tourism services. This great client of ours asked us to redesign his website’s pages, to update his website and to implement the redesigns on WordPress. Exactly what we know how to do best.

The look and feel of this website had to follow a vibrant, smooth, classy yet informative and useful image. Our designer and developers redesigned ten pages with a particular template each and built this project with all these in mind, so that the users would feel automatically attracted or at least curious of a five star holiday in Palau. All is full screen responsive with scroll and slide functionalities and beautiful layouts.

Type: Website

Year: 2016




Project: Neco Marine Palau

Web Studio: eJump Media


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