Orbit Chewer

 Orbit Chewer

We have taken part in developing a face-recognition web app where you can control the characters only by chewing and smiling. It was used both as a Facebook app and an in store activation web app.

Here’s another innovative app for an international brand that our web developers helped implement. But the truly important fact here is that it’s a GAME! A GAME! It was an Orbit campaign based on shopper marketing and face-recognition technology. Basically, it emerged as a Facebook & web app in which a web camera was used in order to process the facial movements while chewing gum. While doing that, you’d play and advance in a game created in Flash. If you managed to get to the next levels, you’d have won various prizes (t-shirts, packs of gum or an MP3 player). Also, this app helped customers to learn how to take care of their oral health and their clean teeth through a fun web experience.

We were glad having this opportunity. Our web developers on board of this innovative project worked pretty hard on the technicalities, especially on that script which identified the facial expressions of participants of the game. The results were amazing and this campaign a success on a national level, so can’t wait to have more technical challenges and projects like this one!

Type: Games, Web Apps

Year: 2013/2014



Facebook SDK




Marketing Campaigns


Project: Mestecometrul

Client: Orbit

Ad Agency: Geometry Romania

Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Implementation Studio: eJump Media

Extras: https://youtu.be/iJR_9A9LYGw

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